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Leah Fisch, Reorganizer and Productivity Consultant, helping busy and overywhelmed clients create environments that support their goals in work and at home

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Leah Fisch – Professional Organizer New York (NYC)Leah Fisch has been helping her clients get their dreams in order for more than ten years. Specializing in high level executives with ADD and OCD, she excels in finding solutions to challenging situations, and creating a more peaceful and productive experience for all involved.

Leah hosted The Foyer, the only reorganizing radio show in the nation, on WOR radio, and is the author of an upcoming book on reorganizing. Leah has appeared on WOR radio, Sirius XM, and WPKN Bridgeport, among others, and is featured in  Hoarding: Buried Alive on TLC-"No one would choose this." Leah believes it is people who are fulfilled, not simply busy, who get things done. Her clients benefit from accomplishing what they need to so they can be on time for dinner.

She dreams of a world where (she has a tv show and) people don't judge other people's clutter. 

Contact NYC professional organizer Leah Fisch at 646.430.9150 or send her an email at leah@leahfisch.com.



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