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How Much Is Your Time Worth?

"Leah Fisch helped bring organization and systems to our medical practice. She helped improve the workflow and overall ease of work." - Dr. Mark Hyman

"I learned from Leah in just a few hours how to look at a small part of my office and see if existed the way I liked. For the first time, I didn't feel overwhelmed by the process of simplifying my space. She quickly taught me that my goals are achieved through my thoughts.  I have been able to keep my place in much better shape as a result.  I'd recommend her to anyone...and have, including my parents!" -Joshua Horwitz

From individuals to small businesses, there are common goals:

  • Achieve productivity that makes you proud
  • Build a sustainable infrastructure that does not rely only on you
  • Have more time for your creative endeavors and your hobbies
  • Be on time for dinner

Executives have something particular which puts them where they are. For many executives, no matter what sort of job or hobby they have, they tend to rise or advance. For some, it is sheer talent, for others, organization, for others, it is a need to be in control. For all of them, there exists a combination of these three.

A common difficulty for executives/bosses/owners is their enormous vision, and how hard they are on themselves. If their business is not constantly expanding, they may feel it is failing, rather than it is "stable." What often occurs for these visionaries is they are pulled in many directions, often too many to even remember to eat when they're hungry. If you are an executive reading this, when was the last time you ate before you were super hungry...when you didn't have a lunch meeting?

I love working with executives because they are ambitious and work hard, and under-appreciate themselves. I can easily identify, as I am the same way. It is so much more exciting to do deals and create things and even surprise ourselves than to file or respond to old emails.

What's great is that the process is relatively fast, as executives tend to be great learners. In our first session we will accomplish enough to satisfy you, as well as map out where you will work on your own. In just three hours you will gain the tools to do what you weren't sure you could, and enjoy it. Additionally, many clients report that the tools gained to reorganize their offices were immediately applicable at home.

The ultimate productive and well-balanced between work and non-work you is your best you. 

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