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  Go Green by (Re)Organizing

  1. Think twice before printing pages from your computer. 
    Writing information down in one easy-to- find notebook will save loads of paper and ink.
  2. Create a recycling area that is easy and appealing to use, with more than one location for the containers. 
    Many homes and businesses do not recycle because it is inconvenient or they simply do not have the bins to do so.
  3. Pay bills on time. 
    Not only will this save you money in late fees, it will also reduce paper mail, which uses trees and gas to get to you.
  4. Stop junk mail. 
    • Call (800) 5 OPT-OUT to stop junk mail, save trees and gas.
    • Send back solicitations with the words "Please remove from mailing list" near your name and address.
  5. Donate items whenever possible.
    There are many places to give away your unwanted things such as wedding dresses, clothes, books and appliances. Not only will this reduce waste, but you can get a tax write off, and help people in need. 
  6. (Re)organize your desks, closets, wardrobes, and dressers. 
    You might find that you already have a lot of the items that you keep on buying. You can also reduce your clothes and supplies purchases when you know where to find them in your home or office. Contact Leah Fisch to get started.


Every TOWN is different. Check with your local guidelines to what is recyclable in your area. For NYC residents, the Department of Sanitation's Guide to Recycling is ever-changing.


If you are looking to donate/recycle, here is an ever-growing list:


List of local NYC resources

General National List of resources


(Many) Whole Foods:

#5 plastics

Plastic bags

Aluminum cans

Plastic/glass bottles


Grow NYC-  Union Square and Tompkins Square Greenmarkets, NYC

Textiles- old clothes, underwear, rags- worn out doesn't mean trash, it means recycle!


Local thrift stores and Nikereuseashoe.com:



Animal supplies


Medical Supplies including medicines

Contact Leah Fisch