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7 Simple Ways to Improve Sales by Being Organized

Salespeople thrive on volume. 

More is always better. Better quality is always better. Higher volume leads to higher quality opportunities. But in order to handle high volume, we need to develop a solid infrastructure that can sustain it. What are some of the best ways to develop this infrastructure and use it to improve sales?

1. Develop a spreadsheet that suits your needs.

Excel and Google Docs are very easy to use, and there's plenty of FREE help online. The simpler the better. Put the contact name, phone number, when you called, what they said, etc.

2. Keep track of EVERYTHING!

You called a lead? Make a note of it. You received a commission check? Make a note of it.

Well-organized people are more likely to make the sale, win the court case, remember your birthday. It doesn't mean they're better people, it means they can access the details.

3. Pencil in time to review

Make time to do it and it might happen. Leave it to chance and it most likely won't. Making time, being in control of your schedule, is the first step to declaring that you can handle greater volume.

4. Review

Look over everything you've kept track of in the last two months, and take notes on what there is left to do.

5. Follow-up:

Your lead said to call in one month? Note it down on your call log, and SET A REMINDER to call in one month. Nothing says professional like calling when you said you would. When your word is deed, people know they can trust you.

From your review and your previous notes, you will create an ongoing to-do list. A salesperson should never be at a loss for what to do.

6. Be Creative

Send your client a gift certificate to a neat spot instead of a bottle of wine. Write a nice card when you send it. Your action will make you stand out, and your creativity will put you above the rest.

7. Give

From contacts to recommendations to breakfast, be willing to give with an open heart and an open wallet. There is nothing made for success like an organized giver.

Feel free to add your tips in the comments below.

Good luck!

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