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What's in the way of where you want to be...literally?

"My kitchen counter is usable, as is my mail drop, and my bookbinding and shipping supplies area. As a result my life and work are more pleasant after working with Leah." -Esther S.

"Working with Leah gave me the ability to discard papers and stuff I had been holding on to - without pressure, guilt or feeling of loss.  I feel free and can easily make decisions - ways of being that held me back for many years." -Ellen R.

"I've always been afraid to hire an organizer for fear that he or she would make me invest all kinds of money in organizing supplies.  Leah doesn't do this.  In her no-nonsense but always kind and non-judgmental way, she helped my husband and me transform our eat-in kitchen in less than three hours.  Before Leah, we had thought about buying all sorts of new furniture.  After Leah, the kitchen was uncluttered, functional, and welcoming.  My husband said it best when he said, "Before, I saw chaos, now I see possiblity."  The amount of money we saved on furniture more than covered our investment in Leah's services." -Diane C.

"I knew I needed help but how? I was scared...terrified that when Leah saw the 25+ shopping bags, taking up every bit of floor space, filled with pens, paper, files...she'd run, (screaming for her life!) away from this crazy lady who collects pens, paper, and blank books and those things were only the beginning of the mess, clutter, uncashed checks, recipes, photos--all the problems needing to be addressed. But from the moment Leah walked through the door, I knew she was the angel that could help. Her ease and quiet confidence wrapped me as if in a warm, safe blanket.  My fears were all still there but somehow, she gave me hope that it would be okay. We first sat to chat before "getting down to work" and as she listened to my pleas for help, I knew she really heard me---all I was saying out loud, and somehow all that I was saying inside--some of which I hadn't even realised or admitted to myself. She found a beginning. She found the first steps on the path back to myself. I am forever grateful for her kindness, forgiveness, smiles, laughs and even her "shoulder" upon which i've cried." -Lisa O.

“The truly amazing aspect of Leah Fisch’s approach to “re”-organizing is her focus on your ideal space. It is inspiring for me to think back on how she listened to our dreams and make it a reality in the apartment we already had by enacting some small but powerful changes. We both now feel happier in our space, and proud to have people over. I will take the lessons I learned from working with her only twice and use them for the rest of my life.”--Dellan Bruder, Personal Trainer

Whether your space, time, or stuff is in a way that makes you feel bad, there is hope.

Leah has worked with clients for nearly 10 years to achieve their clarity AND create environments that support them in their goals. The key is to feel in control of your decisions, and to make them without it being traumatizing. Leah's method is gentle and effective, NOT focused on getting rid of things. Clients are always amazed that they do have enough room, time, and money, once things have been reorganized in alignment with their values.

And ps, Leah has been doing this for 10 years. It's hard to shock her with your mess, and she's very kind.


Contact NYC professional organizer Leah Fisch at 646.430.9150.

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