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NYC/NJ/CT Estate Cleanings

Because it meant so much to her...and she meant so much to you.

Dealing with an estate is usually overwhelming.

When someone passes away, there is a ton to do, usually with deadlines. In addition to the legal and financial things that loom over the family, there is also the STUFF. This is often the hardest part of dealing with an estate. Especially when the family is out-of-state, it is doubly hard to deal with things.

Leah is experienced, compassionate, and environmentally-focused. With my connections in NYC, I am able to donate nearly everything in an apartment, including closed food and items which one would not think are donate-able. The best way to honor the memory of someone is to keep the items alive, rather than put them in a dumpster and have them end up in a landfill.

Here is the estate cleaning process:

  • Visit the location (if it's local)
  • Estimate how much can be donated and to how many charities
  • Arrange and oversee the packing and donating
  • Get you tax receipts from the charity/charities
  • Take mattresses to be incinerated if the building will not provide the service (as per NYS law)
  • Clean apartment

Leah is well-connected to real estate lawyers, CPA's, residential and commercial real estate brokers, and Trust and Estates attorneys, and will gladly put you in contact with them.

Contact NYC professional organizer Leah Fisch at 646.430.9150.

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