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(Re)Organize-"It's not about getting rid of stuff."


A (re)organizer helps clients change their lives by changing their systems, making it easy and delightful to find and utilize their stuff. In turn, clients will achieve goals, conserve energy and money, and spend more time doing what they enjoy. Patient, thorough, and non-judgemental, a (re)organizer's attention to detail insists that the client is happy with and able to use the new system.

The (re)organizer may work with clients once, multiple times per year, or in intense periods of change. Your (re)organizer will never insist you throw anything away, nor do things in any way but your own.

Before and after photos



Items gathered near the entryway of this client's home. The simple placement of a shoe holder which was already in the house not being used, that the children could use themselves made them happy and willing to use it. It also made it a more pleasant and safe experience upon entering the home, and the cluttered area naturally rearranged itself according to need.

Tips to get started:

1. Be gentle. Schedule enough time to accomplish your goals, but don't overwhelm yourself with more than you can handle in a session.

2. Empty the space.

3. Access is key. Be willing to remove or change doors to maximize access.

4. Make sure there is good lighting. Darkness creates clutter.

5. Placement according to usage. Favorite items go in front.

6. Be flexible. Change your system as needed.


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