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Let freedom ring.

Tonight begins the Jewish holiday, Passover, where Jews commemorate their ancient slavery in Egypt and find gratitude for their modern freedom. The Hebrew name for Egypt is “Mitzrayim” which means boundaries. In the biblical story, the Jews escaped their literal enslavement thousands of years ago, and each year it is good to take note how we are also enslaved metaphorically. Robert A. Heinlein said, “In the absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to daily trivia, until ultimately we become enslaved by it.” Of course, we can become enslaved by anything. A desire, a perspective, an addiction, a behavior…there is no limit to what can metaphorically enslave us.

My clients and friends know I l love a good metaphor as much as a pun, and metaphorical enslavement is a rich pursuit when it comes to Joumor’s main goals, productivity and self-awareness.

However, I want to dedicate this newsletter to the thousands of literal slaves in our country. That’s right. Human trafficking’s heinous tentacles don’t start and stop in faraway lands. Aside from the known 44,000 people trafficked last year[1], thousands of people, mostly young women, are trafficked (enslaved) every year in our country: 912 reported in California alone in 2014.[2] Modern slavery exists, closer than you think.

It never worked when we had to eat for the invisible starving elsewhere. Can we learn to enjoy our freedom for the sake of those who don’t have it? Maybe. Joumor is clutter-free connection. Tonight and this week, may you connect to your freedom in gratitude. Whether your free decision is to take a nap at 4 instead of 3 or choose double crème or triple crème brie, or even make a hard decision about a family member’s situation, may you feel deeply connected to your abundance.

Wishing you all freedom from your boundaries…and abundance for all those who are bound.



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