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We often think walking is a “step” on the way to running. (Pun definitely intended!) That we must walk before we can run. And that’s true. But something to remember is that we will never be done walking, even to help our running.

“But the truth is that periodic walking, in training and even in races, can help you run faster and better. “Walking reduces the impact forces on the muscles, joints, and tendons, and reduces breathing rate and heart rate,” says running coach Jenny Hadfield, coauthor of Marathoning for Mortals and founder of coachjenny.com. “So runners are able to cover more distance with better form and alignment, and a reduced risk of fatigue.”[1]

7-Levels-of-JoumorThere are 7 levels in Joumor. It may seem like some of these levels don’t have anything to do with each other, but they actually do in a couple of ways:

1. The same Joumor principles apply at all levels: e.g., Establish your vision, then “Remove what doesn’t belong.” That might be harder to do in some levels than others, but in all areas it holds true: without an idea of what you are trying to create, it is difficult to make any change or declutter.

2. The Butterfly Effect: tiny things can affect large things, when we realize it or not. Our environments can affect our money spending and the way that we interact with people. Feeling in control, comfortable, happy and shame-free with our Stuff and bills goes a long way.

When my clients and students complain about…anything…I tell them to start, as my mother taught me, with the front door. From the moment you walk in, you will be aware of things that “Don’t Belong.” Whether it’s a random shoe that “Goes Elsewhere” or a pile of papers that you need to send to the accountant but you haven’t because you no longer have a fax machine and your scanner is broken and you never have time to go to the post office…these things rattle around in our subconscious and bother us.

The clutter might be intangible, but the same rules apply. How can you (for example) “Remove what doesn’t belong?” Or “Set Yourself Up To Win?” How can you pause in your running, walk, and “cover more distance with better form and alignment, and a reduced risk of fatigue?”

Tonight begins Joumor Institute Presents Productivity 101 at 7.30pm at the National Opera Center, 330 7th Ave @29th St. in Manhattan, price: FREE. Wherever you are in your productivity, there may be some gold for you to glean, Runner, even among those walking.

[1] www.runnersworld.com/running-tips/walk-breaks-for-faster-running

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