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Set Yourself Up To WIN

Master the Basics So Your Business Can Thrive



With a mix of recorded content and live sessions, all CEO Rise programs work to deliver immediate and long-term results. Entrepreneurs get unstuck and complete their tasks so they can focus on moving the needle in their businesses.
Once they do, the energy shifts and the magic can happen.


There are a million programs out there about how to grow your business.

They tell you (and maybe even teach you) the actions you should take:

  • Build your website
  • Write your book
  • Post on social media
  • Write your newsletter
  • Fix your mindset
  • ….and the list goes on.


WHAT MOST OTHER PROGRAMS DON’T DO IS hold the space” for you so the steps actually get done. 

What makes CEO Rise unique is the live accountability our programs provide.

You may know exactly what you need to do- and you may even know how to do it . 


Now let’s get it done – together.

Productivity Lab

Build the skills to scale

90 90 90

Create a 90-day plan that actually works

New Year’s Resolution: Take 2

It’s never too late to recommit

Package Your Package

For entrepreneurs who want to package and price their offers

Ultimate Action Roadmap

achieve one goal with an unbelievable project plan in 30 days

Tax Boss

Get Ready To File Your Taxes Like a BOSS


Finish the most pressing “undone to-dos”

Our Mission

Set Yourself Up To Win

CEO Rise helps entrepreneurs define their goals and make them happen- faster, easier, and often better than they thought possible.

Our community format provides support and creates accountabilityproven by neuroscience to be one of the most powerful tools for goal achievement.

Business is personal. Emotions are a part of life. Learning to recognize and navigate them in the context of your business is key to overcoming resistance and avoiding burnout.

Harnessing the power of self-awareness and compassion, entrepreneurs develop the habits necessary to take them to the next level in their businesses.

Our methodology can be especially helpful for clients with ADD/ADHD, who may experience overwhelm with big projects, decision-making and staying on track.

About CEO Rise

Clarity. Action. Discipline.

CLARITY: Only with a clear foundation can an effective action plan even be possible.

ACTION: Using the principles of Specificity, Scheduling and Self-Awareness, CEO Rise Members achieve consistent action, self-trust and momentum.

DISCIPLINE: In CEO Rise, discipline refers to Clarity guiding aligned Action so that Members stay focused and on track.

Our Philosophy

CEO Rise is powered by the Joumor (TM) Philosophy. 

Joumor is Joy + Humor, which we experience when we (finally!) address pending to-dos that had previously  seemed too overwhelming.

We believe that productivity is the natural state of all humans and animals. Yet it’s often stalled or stopped completely. Rather than indicating “laziness”, “incompetence” or “a bad attitude”, the “underproductivity” is actually indicating an interference.

The key in Joumor is to identify the interference and address it neutrally, without judgment. The Joumor tools and Principles are carefully constructed to

  • Kickstart stalled productivity
  • Be kind to the nervous system of the formerly “underproductive”
  • Create sustainable momentum

In Joumor we make it possible to #usewhatyouhave. Rather than seeking new and external skills, we focus on identifying and removing existing blocks in order to access and enhance our natural strengths.

Leah Fisch helped bring organization and systems to our medical practice.

Dr. Mark Hyman – Ultrawellness Center

In working with Leah, I got a foolproof set of tools for accomplishing any project. My business has already benefited, and I’m so looking forward to continuing to work with Leah to take my business even higher!

Meg Pritchard, Principal, CREATE Communications


Surround yourself with a supportive community as you position yourself for success.





  • Stress
  • Self-doubt


  • sense of security
  • mental resilience
  • Creativity

Business growth


Better relationships

About CEO Rise & Leah Fisch

CEO Rise helps entrepreneurs and business owners set themselves up to WIN.

By mastering the basics, Members are prepared both practically and emotionally for business growth.

Leah Fisch, Founder, is passionate about helping clients, especially those with ADD/ADHD, realize their dreams- no matter how unlikely they may seem.

Figuring out what task is appropriate and realistic to do during that time and then being able to fulfill that is really satisfying. Even if it's a small thing! Being able to estimate that, get a true calibration and complete it feels really good.

Daniel Barnett, Speech Therapist

With Leah’s guidance and accountability, I’ve learned to focus on the “ONE” thing that I can do in this moment as opposed to all the things that I can’t do and as a result, to-do’s and projects that have been lingering for weeks, months and even YEARS have been either accomplished in minutes, hours or days respectively.

Joe Pipitone, Business coach

CEO Rise, LLC is committed to providing and promoting a welcoming and inclusive environment.
Regardless of an individual’s age, ethnicity, gender identity, geographical location, national origin, spoken language, race, religious or political beliefs or other ideologies, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or any other legally-protected statuses, CEO Rise, LLC stands in solidarity.

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