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Do you struggle to follow through and finish tasks…yet you’re a successful ADHD(ish) Entrepreneur? 



A simple 5 day course to get your productivity back on track (in just 45 minutes/day!) so you can work with your nervous system and focus on what’s really important.

A simple 5 day course to get your productivity back on track (in just 45 minutes/day!) so you can work with your nervous system and focus on what’s really important.

June 26-June 30

10am-10.45am EST

Being productive can feel hard enough for the average person. But neurodiversity adds a layer of complexity...and often difficulty.

Do You:

  • Put things off
  • Work all the time but never feel DONE
  • Feel stress, anxiety and/or overwhelm
  • Find it hard to focus
  • Avoid/procrastinate on hard things
  • Feel like your productivity is not a reflection of your skill

Imagine instead that you…

  • Feel inspired to take action
  • Feel in control and an increased sense of power as you take action
  • Feel so good as you check stuff off the list in way less time than you thought it would take
  • Experience freedom, fearlessness and FLOW
  • FOCUS and get the job done

It may sound impossible right now, but when you learn my proven 5-step Productivity Method (which I’m going to share with you in this class) you’ll discover how to 10x your productivity and feel like the responsible and powerful person you always wanted to be.

Introducing… Productivity Power 101:

Set a clear goal, remove distractions, understand what you need to do– and what you don’t- and then DO it, 5 days in a row.
It’s incredibly powerful.

Day 1:

Preparation Is Everything

Day 2:

Remove What Doesn’t Belong

Day 3:

Set Yourself Up To Win

Day 4:

Review and Confirm

Day 5:

Set Yourself Up To Receive

Day 1: Focusing on your end goal will guide exactly what you need to do to prepare to succeed. Spending 67-80% of the project time in preparation yields extraordinary results.

Day 2: With laser sharp clarity of the project, you’ll know exactly what to remove so you can actually reach your goal.

Day 3: Now that you’re set up and momentum is flowing, you can take a bird’s eye view on what your project needs and work that into an even better project plan.

Day 4: As things change you’ll do what almost no one does- review and see what “re-planning” is needed so you stay on track.

Day 5: When your part is done and the ball is in other people’s court, you can relax and focus on what’s most important to you while you wait to receive the results from this project you completed.

Bottom line: You’ll take care of anything in your life that’s hanging over you so you’re energized, decluttered, focused and enthusiastic for your work AND your personal life.

All by devoting just 45 minutes a day to get back on track with LIVE guidance from Leah in community with others.

“Leah Fisch helped bring organization and systems to our medical practice.”

Dr. Mark Hyman of the Ultrawellness Center

Why Be Productive?

Let’s pull back for a second. Why is it even important to be “productive” when there’s so much other important to-dos that needs your attention?

Actually, we want to be productive on a regular basis so we can be present with what is going on instead of distracted by everything we haven’t done.

Plus, the more productive we are, the more FREE we are to NOT BE PRODUCTIVE when more important things are going on.

Most of us put things off that we don’t want to do. It’s natural and human to run from discomfort.

When things get tough, it’s even harder to do what we need to do, especially when it doesn’t feel relevant or appealing. So we put it off even more, but that only adds to our underlying anxiety, which strips us of our power in the moment.

When we’re willing to take action, no matter how uncomfortable, things start to go faster than we could have imagined.

What My Clients Are Saying…

“In working with Leah, I not only got organized around the project of mapping out my next-level service offerings and accomplished two very necessary aspects of it, so that I’m now very prepared to take next steps in up-leveling my offerings, I also have a foolproof set of tools — the ultimate roadmap — for accomplishing any project. My business has already benefited, and I’m so looking forward to continuing to work with Leah to take my business even higher!”

Meg Pritchard, Principal, CREATE Communications

“I loved how compassionate this practice is. To me and everyone I work with. Because this organizing meditation identifies true needs, not the imaginings of vanity and the superpowers we would like to have.”

Kasia Urbaniak, The Academy

“Before working with Leah, I was feeling scattered and overwhelmed. During the course I was able to move forward with a complicated tax issue that I had been procrastinating on for months. By the end of the course I felt relieved, free, and prepared to tackle my projects with a lot more confidence. I now have a system that makes it much easier to dive in and to stick with challenging projects. The processes Leah teaches are priceless!”

Patricia Black–Life Coach/Sensuality Teacher

“Before working with Leah, I had been putting off promoting my book. Because of everything happening in the world I felt uncomfortable sharing about it. During the class I was able to come up with a manageable plan and begin the process. I just got a call from my publisher letting me know that pre-order sales for my book had dramatically increased. I’m thrilled and now have the confidence to continue, thanks to Leah’s guidance.”

Elana Bell, Poet, sound practitioner, creativity guide

“As a person who has a hard time completing tasks, I use the Joumor principles and tools to set myself up to win in small timed bits. My uncluttered dining room table is now used for eating. Thank you, Joumor, for creating a system that works for me and impacts my whole family.”

Roberta Lieberman

“For the first time, I didn’t feel overwhelmed by the process of simplifying my space. She quickly taught me that my goals are achieved through my thoughts. I have been able to keep my place in much better shape as a result. I’d recommend her to anyone…and have, including my parents!”

Joshua Horwitz, Craniosacral Therapist

“I wanted to be more organized and focused with my time and I chose to work with Leah because I heard excellent recommendations from a friends’ circle who had great results after working with her. I’m so happy because now I have effective tools to stay focused, have peace of mind when working on a project and also feel aligned with my feelings when I am working on a task. She allowed to me to be mindful of my environment and proactively change it to feel better and ready. I really enjoyed her style of working. I feel like I ‘m even more organized in my thoughts and my apartment even looks tidy and organized by getting rid of what does not serves me in order to achieve my goal. This was a game-changer and I feel I have used my time more effectively. Thank you very much Leah! This was awesome and eye-opening!”

Olivia Drouhaut, Senior Manager, Non-Profit


“For some time I’ve known conceptually that clutter in various in my life stems from clutter in my mind. Leah’s approach of getting “brilliant on the basics” continues to reveal the blind spots that are at the source of ALL the clutter in my life. Her methodology and the tools she provides have a way of circumventing whatever resistance I may have in taking the very next obvious step(s) to accomplishing something on my to-do list, and although simple, not so easy because of belief systems that are hidden from my view that have kept me stuck. With her guidance and accountability, I’ve learned to focus on the “ONE” thing that I can do in this moment as opposed to all the things that I can’t do and as a result, to-do’s and projects that have been lingering for weeks, months and even YEARS have been either accomplished in minutes, hours or days respectively. At bare minimum, Because of this work, I have been able to create space in my day and bandwidth in my brain to manage additional money-producing activities, all of which translates into getting a considerable return on my investment of working with Leah.”

Joe Pipitone


“I knew I wanted to stop dragging my heels and get fast, easy wins and results, so I chose to work with Leah because she always seems to be able to corner me into getting things done very quickly and joyously with her mysterious blend of pure practicality and lightness of being. I’m so happy because now I’ve been in touch daily with my accountant, organized a spreadsheet of my business expenses for 2019, clarified the process for all these different consultants, and sent out the majority of the forms they need to send back to me to be submitted by my accountant.”

Laura Shivani St. George, Main UN NGO Representative, Ocean Lifeline

“I knew I wanted to adapt effective work strategies into my day; I chose to work with Leah for her ability to support that. Before working with Leah I felt held back by overwhelming plans and confusing goals. Leah’s use of a “Personal Manifesto” has specifically given me a clear and concise method for a successful day, everyday.”

Jeremy Marino

Figuring out what task is appropriate and realistic to do during that time and then being able to fulfill that is really satisfying. Even if it’s a small thing! Being able to estimate that, get a true calibration and complete it feels really good.

Daniel Barnett, Speech Therapist

My kitchen counter is usable, as is my mail drop, and my bookbinding and shipping supplies area. As a result my life and work are more pleasant after working with Leah.

Esther K Smith, author, How to Make Books

“I used to think I was disorganized. Leah taught me that I have a unique and perfect internal way of organizing that works perfectly for me. She taught me how to tap in to my brilliant neatfreakiness.”

Regena “Mama Gena” Thomashauer, Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts


Step 1: Sign up below
Step 2: Choose a clear goal for this week
Step 3: Show up LIVE for class
Step 4: Make progress daily on your project for 5 days in a row
Step 5:  Rejoice at your success!

Women on the phone

June 26-June 30th EST
10am-10.45am EST

Can you picture devoting just 45 minutes a day LIVE to get back on your productivity track—for less than a week?
In each class you’ll learn the same proven Productivity Principles that my VIP CEO-level clients learn—clients who run multimillion-dollar organizations.
The key is to choose EXACTLY what you will focus on for this week, and then enjoy how quickly your progress and momentum build.

Can you picture devoting just 45 minutes a day LIVE to get back on your productivity track—for less than a week?
In each class you’ll learn the same proven Productivity Principles that my VIP CEO-level clients learn—clients who run multimillion-dollar organizations.
The key is to choose EXACTLY what you will focus on for this week, and then enjoy how quickly your progress and momentum build.

The Neuroscience Behind 10Xing Your Productivity…Especially for the Neurodiverse

Many of us experience stress and anxiety and fear when it comes to doing hard tasks.
The Joumor productivity philosophy is all about brain-hacking to access the clarity, calm and confidence that leads to great decisions and success.


    • Planning decreases fear so you can think straight and deliver on time (early)
    • Breaking tasks down identifies EXACTLY what you need to do so you can focus
    • “Unitasking” sharpens your focus and increases your energy
    • Naming uncomfortable emotions diffuses them and allows you to work faster



    I’m ready to get back on track so I can focus on what’s really important to me.


    “Will the calls be recorded?”

    Absolutely. Yes, the recording will be available within 24 hours after each class.

    “I’m confident about my productivity skills and don’t feel like I’m struggling. Is this class a fit for me?

    Maybe. This class is geared more towards those who are having a hard time. However, if you feel good about your productivity but also know you could do a little better, then this might be just the thing to push you into your next level.

    What if I’m a former student?

    Mastery comes through repetition. If it’s been awhile since you studied with me, or even if it hasn’t, you’ll just go farther faster.

    “But Leah, my goal is exercise/meditate/organize something really embarrassing! I don’t want people to see me on video!”?

    No worries! Turn off the video or call in by phone, whatever you like. Just show up and reap the rewards.

    “What if I can’t come make it to class?

    Perfect attendance is ideal to get your money’s worth, but if you absolutely can’t make it, you’ll be able to stay on track by listening to the recordings of each class and by using the Accountability Doc.

    “What if I don’t know what I need to do to get back on track?”

    Perfect. This class is an amazing, no-brainer opportunity to join us and spend five days in a row doing whatever you want: making a recipe, clearing your desk, getting to Inbox Zero (or, let’s be real—how about unsubscribing from emails and getting a little closer to Zero).

    “How much can I REALISTICALLY get done in 30 minutes a day?”?

    That totally depends on you, but I promise you- with my 18 years of client experience- way more than you thought possible. AND a LOT more than nothing at all, which may be where you’re at right now!

    “Do I need to be familiar with the Joumor Productivity Philosophy to take this course?”

    Not at all. You’ll pick it up quickly and there will be no quizzes. 🙂

    What’s your investment to get back on track in Productivity Power 101?

    Normally this program is $297, but this time it’s F R E E!

    Hey, I’m Leah Fisch

    After years of struggling, I learned how to overcome  avoidance of hard tasks and intimidating projects.

    The productivity philosophy I teach was created to deal with difficult emotions that blocked productivity.

    Once I understood that you can be productive no matter how you’re feeling, not LATER when you feel better- everything changed.

    I’m offering this class right now because personal productivity is a way to process our emotions and position ourselves to do the good we WANT to do in the world. There’s never been a better time than now.

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