Fast Track to Trust

Upwork, Fiverr & Taskrabbit are great for meeting contractors and team members.

Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are great for meeting potential clients and partners.

So is the rotary club and the neighbor who’s always “got a guy.”

The modern world gives you access to almost everyone…so how do you choose?

The Directory is curated way to get to know, like & trust people before working with them…without having to be out of your house at 7am.

About You

You’re an emotionally intelligent business owner, freelancer or human who wants to get to know the people you work with and refer to off social media.

Old schoolreal human connection.

You love to help people.

Your business is growing & successful and you frequently refer people to each other.

You love the idea of networking in-person rather than scrolling endlessly through strangers.

You’re in it for the long-game.

You know planting seeds is more powerful than short-term gain.

You love helping your network grow their businesses and their network.

You keep your word, and your integrity matters- big time.

Summary: you’re an awesome human who wants to shamelessly promote your services to other awesome humans doing the same knowing there’s always more than enough business to go around.

How It Works

The Directory is a high quality, low-key community that values real connection for business-building.

You specify your main expertise for your seat. For example, if you’re a website designer and a spiritual mentor, you choose one to represent in our group so members automatically think of YOU for that.

Unlike some networking groups, there will be multiple professionals representing the same profession– because, as in real life, you may want to choose who vibes with you best.

Ideally everyone you enjoy paying and being paid by- if appropriate- would be a Directory member so that the quality is high and you’ll never have to wonder where to find the perfect expert that you need.

Sample of Current Member Professions

  • Charity
  • Corporate Consultant
  • Event Planner
  • Female Embodiment Coach
  • Healer
  • Insurance Agent
  • Jeweler
  • Linkedin Coach
  • Money Coach
  • Printer
  • Relationship Program 
  • Spiritual Teacher
  • Writing Coach

*To join as an Inner Circle or Premium Member you must be invited by a Member willing to write you a review.

The Directory prices are 50% off for the first 50 founding members.

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