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Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another.” -Walter Elliott

This quote by Walter Elliot is sooooo Joumorous, isn’t it? Because everything is about all the tiny decisions we make all day every day.

That’s what we’re working on at the Joumor Institute:

  • Identify your vision.
  • Remove what doesn’t belong.
  • Break things down into tiny manageable pieces.
  • CHOOSE choices that lead you to your goal, over and over
  • Unitask

And working in a group setting with others who are doing the same is powerful.

What’s fun about summer is there’s this idea that we don’t have to do anything, everyone’s away, there’s no rush. And for all the non-Capricorns out there, it probably is nice to relax…;) In the summer, PEOPLE are more relaxed, and there are fewer expectations, so in a way it’s easier to accomplish things at a pace that works for you. That’s why I launched the Joumor Institute in the summer- because those who attend during the summer are Really Motivated.

There’s nothing like meeting people who identify with your struggles and are equally determined to do something about it. If you are struggling with clutter, literal or metaphorical, OR you want to build your project management and delegation skills, come join us  next Wednesday (August 5th), it is FREE.

Wherever you are aiming to go, may you win each short race after another.

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