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You’ll be meeting with Leah or Mehrdad on the Zoom link you received by email at the time you chose.

We look forward to meeting you and mapping out your clarity so you can achieve your goals.

Please be on time in a quiet place so you can focus- we promise to do the same.

Looking forward to meeting you and serving you!

– Leah & the CEO Rise Team

“Leah’s work has specifically given me a clear and concise method for a successful day, everyday.”

Jeremy Marino
Content Creation & Video Production
“For the first time, I didn’t feel overwhelmed by the process of simplifying my space.”
Joshua Horwitz
Craniosacral Therapist

“Leah Fisch helped bring organization and systems to our medical practice.”

Dr. Mark Hyman
Ultrawellness Center

“I’m so happy because now I’ve organized a spreadsheet of my business expenses and clarified the process.”

Laura Shivani St. George
Special Advisor, Interfaith Rainforest Initiative

“I now have a system that makes it much easier to dive in and stick with challenging projects. The processes Leah teaches are priceless!”

Patricia Black
Sensuality Teacher

“[This process is] calming, gives me a more accurate sense of how long things actually take, and lessens the feeling of uncertainty.”

Kasia Urbaniak
The Academy

“I’m so happy because now I have effective tools to stay focused and have peace of mind when working on a project.”

Olivia Drouhaut
Senior Manager, Non-profit

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