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Ever hear the phrase or think, “I don’t even know where to begin.” (This phrase usually preceded or followed with a heavy sigh or moan). This is a common mantra for The Overwhelmed.

Clutter attracts clutter, and the opposite is true. Meaning, no one notices one more thing added to a pile of things shoved on a counter, but, as I like to say, you would notice a lone sock on the floor of a museum. Things are contextual to their environment, and the “cluttery” feeling comes from un-use and perceived irrelevance.

Decluttering isn’t about getting rid of stuff.
Good habits aren’t about “breaking bad” ones, it’s about building new ones.

These 2 simple and powerful steps hold for both:

1. Small and Sustainable for Success: Choose a small area to work on (even smaller than you might think), or a tiny habit to bring into your life, maybe 7-10 mins 2-3x/week.

2. Remove what doesn’t belong. In order to succeed in your new goal, remove the surrounding clutter- this may be literal stuff in the way or “removing” how late you go to bed. Being strategic about what’s standing in the way and REMOVING THAT FIRST makes your actions more potent and lasting.

Rinse and RepeatBegin with the 2 steps above, but the neat thing is you can do just these two steps over and over in tiny areas, in your home or office, or in your life. Keep it small and attainable and keep going.

If you’ve been ready to begin but you didn’t know where, you do now. Begin at the beginning with small steps and see where they lead you.

Whatever you do, don’t give up!

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