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“So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their ending!” J. R. R. Tolkien

This blustery weather here feels so apropos of today’s topic: Changing your habits one at a time so you can say hello to the new YOU.

In Spanish the word for storm is “tormenta.” That’s exactly what it can feel like to wrestle with yourself over and over again- tormenting.

Today in our Productivity Power Mastermind we moved to a different song than usual for The Let It Go: “Somebody that I used to know.” Why? Because we said goodbye to that person who is

  • Unscheduled
  • Double booked
  • Showing up late
  • Forgetting to let people know they can’t make it
  • Constantly rescheduling…

Sound familiar? Yeah. Me too. I’ve lived that way A LOT of my life. Lateness has been my Dragon.

But now, my entire year is scheduled and I teach my students to do the same. The power in that is beyond belief. I’ve always said that All Is Possible, but now it (whatever it is) is even more possible because I know when I can and cannot do it.

And check it out: my assistant handles my schedule and I access it remotely wherever I am.

Who even thought this would be possible?

Me. The late kid. It just took me half a lifetime to get here. And the best part? All the million ways I tried to “fix” this lateness are what I now teach. It’s so great to have a business where you get paid to share your knowledge of how you solved your own problems! 🙂

So what’s your Dragon?
TIP: Choose the smallest thing with the biggest Return On Investment you want to remove, add or change in your life and focus on that over and over and over again (ideally for 6 days a week in a span of 66 days- class starts this Tuesday).

And, if you are an entrepreneur, before you know it, people will be paying you to help them solve the same thing… and it will feel natural and FUN.

Stay safe in the blustery Dragon-y bluster!

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