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Hello my dear people. Thank you to those who commented to the previous post with their goals. I loved seeing them!

Today is my birthday. I am grateful to be one year more me-ish, which has been made possible by those who love and support me…. as well as my luck to be alive.

There is a Chassidic tradition that your star shines brightest on your birthday, thus it is the best day to bless others. But really, every day is the best day to bless others. Ideally, we give from the overflow of our cup, not from what fills it, so we are all filled.

1. Fill your own cup.

What is the minimum thing or things you need to do to feel clear and able to function each day? For me, it’s as simple as doing the dishes. It takes nothing to do them, but if I don’t do them, it just ain’t good…and the day feels cluttery and anxious. Commit to doing that ONE thing each day.

2. Connect

Between Facebook, texts, calls and birthday emails, I feel REALLY LOVED and super connected today. And so it should be every day, even if at a smaller volume. What small practice can you put in place which will give you that feeling of being connected and loved? Commit to doing that ONE thing each day.

3. Give

Giving charity is important to me, and I do my best to do it every day. There are so many ways to give, and they don’t have to be financial. Perhaps your way of giving is reaching out to someone who would really appreciate it, even if they don’t respond. Or holding the door for that slow-moving person…whether it’s the same thing or a different thing, commit to giving in some way each day, because you will also be receiving.

When you have completed writing your 2014 goals today 😉 and created your 3 daily commitments, I wish you love and great success that you will meet and exceed them all this year.

Shining brightly,


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