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3 Commitments to Make Your Birthday Perfect Every Day

Hello my dear people. Thank you to those who commented to the previous post with their goals. I loved seeing them! Today is my birthday. I am grateful to be one year more me-ish, which has been made possible by those who love and support me…. as well as my luck...

The Most Common Mistake People Make When Making A To Do List

Why do we accomplish some things on our To Do List and others just sit there? Because we are not specific. This leads to the most popular yet elusive culprit of this century: (dum da da dummmmm): Overwhelm. We don’t understand why we’re overwhelmed, but we avoid...

The Power of NOT Pushing

Many people believe that going after a goal is like a Rottweiler going after a bone- you grab on and don’t let go until you’ve gotten the prize. Joumor takes a different view- the work is in setting ourselves up to win by setting ourselves up to receive. But what...

Do you really want it, or just want to complain?

“Don’t complain to me if you’re not going to do anything about it.” – Grover to Otis, Kicking and Screaming, 1995, directed by Noah Baumbach (my favorite movie 🙂 Do what it takes There are things you say you want. But are you willing to do what it takes to get them?...

The Procrastination Protector

Hillary Rettig is a procrastination expert who writes and speaks about it frequently. Years ago I attended a talk where she said, “People procrastinate because they want to avoid the same failure they’ve had in the past.” It struck me, and I never forgot it- the...

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