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Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. -Henry Ford

What makes us successful? The answers are practically infinite. But in my work, there are certain trends that stand out the most

As you may know, I’ve been hosting FREE live productivity calls for the last few weeks while I do research for my upcoming 6 month Productivity Mastermind. I sent a quick survey out to those who’d attended the call- both to get feedback AND to enjoy the fruits of my Master’s in Demography, where survey-writing was a big part. 🙂

Here are the unedited responses from those who filled out the survey. (If you were on a call but didn’t get a chance to fill it out, you can do it now here).

Question: What’s the most useful part of these productivity calls?

“The accountability, being online with others who are working at the same time, and the breaking things down into the process.”

Feedback from Leah Fisch.”

“I love the way tasks are broken into smaller steps with work time to get stuff done. I love the visualization of the end products/ results.”

“Love the positive cheerful vibe. I am such a fan!”

“Treasure hunt, and the fact that I have company not in my personal presence but as support. That means so much. Getting things done in bite size chunks.”

Getting stuff done and knowing how to do it in the future.”

“Setting the intention and feeling supported.”

Community-everyone is working on something, it made me prioritize my project! Procrastination be gone!”

Seeing how I want task or project to turn out. I discover new actions ways of seeing project.”

“Allocated uninterrupted personal time that is in a group setting so I can’t blow it off just because I don’t feel like it.”

“Really setting aside time to focus on getting stuff done, time that I otherwise would be doing other things. Being reminded to do a treasure hunt, and to feel the support of the other people on the call is also a huge bonus.”

“The container you provide and your perfect suggestions for how to focus within it.”

“Setting intention and following it.”

“Getting things done.”

Can you spot the trends that create success?

  • Clarity
  • Community
  • Support
  • Taking action

Creating a vision and taking action in a supportive community.

I take a lot of classes and programs that range from $35-$15K/course. Many of them are excellent in many ways. But there’s something missing in all of them: support in community while you “do your homework.” This seems to be available only in study hall elementary school- college. And then we’re on our own. And many of us fall down because we’re alone and unsupported, and end up not doing what we need to do. Sometimes we just need someone else there while we work.

I’ve been working on creating exactly this for you (and for me) for the past few years. If you know what you need to do but it’s just so hard to do it, the Mastermind may be a perfect fit for you.

It’s almost ready…but until it is, you can still rock your productivity in these 3 simple ways:

1. Ask someone to partner with you who will work simultaneously, either in-person or remotely, while you do your work.

2. Make a list of tiny tasks that take 2 mins or less to complete, and set your timer for 9 minutes to complete them.

3. Share your accomplishments with a friend or on social media about what you are doing- you’ll be amazed how many people like to hear that you cleaned out your inbox or organized your closet!

There are still 8+ months left to the year. You can declutter yourself forever and step into your vision. It all begins with community, clarity, support, and doing.

Good luck!

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