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Joumor students have been rocking New Year’s Resolution: Take 2 for the last month. NYR:TT follows the arc of 5 Core Joumor Principles to NAIL your project. (Join us if you haven’t yet!)

Today a student requested to have the 5 days together written out, and Joumor is as much mine as it is yours and your requests, so here goes…

1. Preparation is Everything and Everything is Preparation

In other articles we have discussed the importance of preparing- in all ways. Setting aside the time, making sure you have the resources, dates, money…whatever your project or goal is, preparation is needed. The more you prepare, the more you will optimize your project and satisfy yourself more completely.

2. Remove What Doesn’t Belong

Whether it’s organizing the literal area around where you are working, breaking up with a boyfriend, or firing an ineffective employee- remove what doesn’t belong. This helps you articulate the project and increases the likelihood of success.

3. Set Yourself Up to Win

Make sure the scope of the project is one that you will achieve. Nothing sucks like planning to do something, getting psyched, “Finally” doing it, and then not having enough time or the right info to complete it. When you win you will feel amazing, so set yourself up for that.

4. Review and Confirm- Remove, Add, Change

You already prepared, but that was 3 steps ago. Now that you’re set up, go back and look again that everything is right timewise, sizewise, placewise, personwise…you-wise. Meaning, it is right and it feels right. Look it all over and make changes as needed. The more you review and confirm the faster you will whip through this project.

5. Set Yourself Up to Receive

Ahhh the holy grail of Joumor- what it’s all about. You can set yourself up to receive all days in all ways!

  • Love
  • Attention
  • Money
  • Guests
  • Clarity
  • Nourishment
  • Lovin’…

Whatever you want to receive, set yourself up for it! Ask!

Send that invite, send that invoice, ask your friends to call you, your lover to text you, your family to surprise you…

Whatever you want, make sure you are in a position to receive it: you have the space, time, and attention available to responsibly receive your desires.

So there you go! 5 days of Joumor to rinse and repeat on a daily or weekly basis. Try it, hit reply, and let me know if you’ve got some tricks that make this process even more powerful.

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