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Right now we are 26 Gamers in Joumor’s Game, 30 Days To Change a Habit. People are having AMAZING results. Why? Joumor’s new Games are designed to encourage Clutter-Free Connection on 3 Levels:

  1. With ourselves
  2. With another person
  3. In a community

And guess what? It totally works. The number one thing I have heard over the years is, “Why is it so hard to do this alone?” I have many theories, but the simplest one is that it’s just boring to do most things alone.

Business experts always say we can’t do things alone. Women (and men) are told to ask for help instead of complaining. But it’s hard, because there’s still this pervasive idea that we should be able to do it alone.  That does work sometimes, but rarely. Doing things alone relies on us WANTING to do it, which makes it pretty easy to try, or SHEER WILLPOWER when we DON’T want to do something, which makes it pretty hard.

6 Joumor Principles to help you choose and stick to your habit:

1. PREPARE: Take some time to think about what you’d like to change. Don’t be mean, just choose a small thing that would make things a little better. Make a list of 10 things and then choose the smallest one or any that appeals to you.

2. CROWDING OUT- Instead of the usual, which is stopping or removing something, think about what you could add in that would “crowd out” that which you want to change. For example, eating more satisfying, balanced, and crunchier meals often helps people out of the Starve and Stuff cycle of eating.

3. SET YOURSELF UP TO WIN: Start Waaaay smaller than you think makes sense. One tiny thing. Keep working that tiny thing over and over. You will notice many changes taking place following that tiny change you are intentionally making.

4. SYNERGY: Be supported.  When it comes to working with others, 1 + 1 = 5. Change this habit with a friend or a group who are working on the same thing or just working as intentionally as you on change.

5. BE WILLING TO TINKER WITH THE SYSTEM: This is harder than it sounds, but mandatory for success. It requires awareness and a willingness to admit what is NOT working, and to make changes accordingly, both with what is working and with what is not. E. G., you might find you have to choose a different habit to change!

6. Just keep going, just keep going, just keep going. Yes, the Principle states it 3 times…because we forget and give up.

Approach yourself like a game. Find the funnest ways to make changes that feel good. Don’t hate yourself. Don’t complain. Keep playing…and let 2015 be the year you don’t give up on yourself.

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