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This guy is drowning and he’s like, “It’s ok, Gd will save me.”
So this boat comes by and he’s like, “No, Gd will save me.”
And this scuba diver appears and puts out his hand and the guy is like, “No, Gd will save me.”
And suddenly this dolphin lifts the drowning man and starts swimming to shore, but the man jumps off saying, “Gd will save me.”
So finally he drowns, and gets up to the pearly gates and he says to Gd, “Why didn’t you save me?” and Gd says, “I send you a boat, a scuba diver and a dolphin!”

Are you getting it,? This parable often reminds me to wake up and #usewhatihave

People write to me all the time about how they need help– they’re SO GREAT at what they do, visionaries really, but yet they’re unmotivated, distracted, disorganized, overwhelmed, they want to start their new business but they don’t know where to begin, their job is sapping them, they’re in debt…THEY NEED HELP. They need people around them. They need to learn how to do these things they’ve never learned. They want better habits….That’s why I built the Joumor Institute.

When I surveyed my past and current clients at the Joumor Institute they said:

“I need more class times to fit my schedule.” ✅ (2-4 per DAY 5 days a week OMG)
“I need recorded videos.” ✅ (Member Portal)
“It would be nice if we could come together to acknowledge our accomplishments.” ✅ (Fridays at 1pm EST)
“Is there a Facebook Group?” ✅ YES, and it’s an active group.
“I’d like to see daily reminders about upcoming classes.” ✅
“Can you include iCal as well as Gcal so I have all the classes on my phone?” ✅
“I need accountability. Can you provide that?” ✅
“I’m not a self-starter- can people work in partners or in groups?” ✅
“I’d LOVE to join the Joumor Institute but I can’t afford it. Will there be any specials?” ✅✅✅

This Black Friday deal is like nothing we’ve offered before. We’re going to be totally revamping things in 2020 to allow people to buy a la carte classes- but we want you in on the ground floor. Right now we have 70+ LIVE productivity and organization classes/monthand our goal is to DOUBLE that in 2020.

Here are some (paraphrased) snippets from today’s Accomplishments, our Friday class to celebrate what we’ve done in the past week and inspire ourselves and others:

“In the last 2 weeks [at the Joumor Institute] just by doing basic things like sorting into categories, I feel I’ve decluttered my brain and my life. And I’m moving forward on a business venture that I had on the shelf for A YEAR. I’m already having regular meetings about this business. It’s incredible.”

“I finally wrote my Personal Manifesto. I worked really hard on this (Reads it) It makes me cry every time.”

“My Personal Manifesto is about being a kind mother to my children. Yesterday I identified some clutter and dealt with it, and had a great morning with my children.”

“I wrote an email and when they didn’t respond I pivoted and followed up, TWICE. I tried being nice and understanding but then had to be more assertive. So I told them, ‘either pay me or do what you promised, because it’s affecting what I committed to.’ I wouldn’t normally tell people to write an angry email, but being nice didn’t work- it was more about having good boundaries and being straightforward. I feel really good about doing this.”

“A client wanted to feature me in the local newspaper and I asked them to include my business bio. This was a huge deal to feel acknowledged and to ask for what I wanted.”

If you are struggling to find motivation, follow through on your projects or simple responsabilites, OR really need to learn some organization skills so you can end your overwhelm, confusion and/or self-doubt that’s keeping your flow stuck, join us at the Joumor Institute January-June…but start this Sunday! Yep. Begin with the Decluttering Intensive this Sunday 12pm-3pm EST, and then spend the next 6 weeks PREPARING. By the time January rolls around, you’ll be well on your way and ready to rock UNLIMITED LIVE CLASSES for 6 whole months.

If you’ve been stuck with your stuff, space, time, habits, money, or dreams…there’s a boat, a scuba diver and a dolphin at your door. Will you open it?

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