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Oh, no, Leah, not again!

You know what I mean..

People tend to think of late fees as that $29 or $36 fee the credit card company slaps on when your payment is late. Yes, that’s a late fee, and often one we allow to occur for no good reason…let alone the interest that accrues and compounds!*

But let’s talk about a deeper, more insidious form of late fees:


Did you know there’s an actual monetary cost to indecision?

There is. Whether it’s:

  • Buying your travel ticket at the last minute
  • Paying your copywriter a rush fee
  • Running late and taking a taxi instead of walking or taking the bus/train
  • Enrolling in a course and then changing your mind and not using it…

…and on and on. Indecision has its fee, and it’s usually avoidable.

Late fees are more than a fine from a credit card company. It’s a mindset and a way of life that allows them- or protects you and your bank account- and more importantly your peace of mind- from them.

As you go forth into this next week, let’s take a look at the money you are spending. What tiny changes could you make, like buying that ticket that you know you’re going to buy anyway now rather than later? It’s about being more and more honest with yourself- your honesty about decision-making shows in your bills and in your bank account.

What’s your example of an invisible late fee? Hit “Add Comment” and I’ll add yours to my blog.

*Note: CC companies will usually waive one late fee per year and sometimes remove the interest charged so it is worth the phone call if you need one removed.

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