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Happy Friday, Leah,

What’s under your clutter?

Today our guest expert educator in the yearlong Mastermind was a therapist who specialized in trauma and letting our inner child play…funnily, her focus is Joy and Humor- of course we had to invite her to speak at Joumor! (Joy + Humor)

One of our Masterminders has been working on decluttering for these 9 months- going through old paperwork, old and recent mail, emptying full and unused bedrooms, etc.

Today she opened up to our group (she’s normally super private) about much deeper and more painful things than she had ever shared before. We were truly moved by her trust in us.

Why did this happen now?

When I spoke to her the other day she had recently finished one of her decluttering goals and is much more integrity in so many ways- paperwork, follow-up, finances, etc. I was thrilled to hear this!

And then today, I choked up listening to her share with the therapist, her own voice breaking…At the end of class she shared her own surprise that she had shared so much.


How do we create it? By moving our usual clutter out of the way.

Whether it’s literal STUFF or alcoholism or overworking, we can clutter our way away from ourselves. BUT! When you create an environment in which to thrive, you are more present to yourself and to others.

We each have plenty of uncomfortable things we don’t want to share. The idea of sharing them anyway can feel exposed, vulnerable and even repulsive. This can be a wall that can keep us apart from others. In Joumor, we want to connect with ourselves and with others, because what is life if we are alone? Yet we don’t want to force it- we want to make it easy.

And we do that not by shouting our issues from a mountaintop (unless you’re into that, which is cool by me!). We do it by getting into integrity with ourselves, feeling more grounded and confident, and opening up literal and emotional space within ourselves. And then, we don’t have to try so hard to connect with others– it happens naturally.

Joumorous Action Steps:

  1. Write a clutter inventory of everything- big and small- that feels like clutter
  2. Take action on the tiniest thing
  3. Check how good it feels
  4. Choose one more thing
  5. Do it

And then what? Oh, my Masterminder is hosting her first party in years in her home, and the whole group is invited! How would you celebrate if your clutter were gone?

What clutter is in your way? It’s Friday. You have a chance to whittle at it…or remove it completely.

To your connection,


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