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Not being prepared can be overwhelming.

Does the word “Prepared” kind of make you gag?

I get it.

Preparation can be exhausting…especially when there is so much to do that you know of, let alone what you don’t know you have to do! But you know what’s even more exhausting?

You guessed it: NOT being prepared.

The good news? When you use Joumor to get to the other side of your exhaustion, it’s EXHILARATING.

We know about the usual ways to prepare:

✓ Pay bills on time
✓ Know when things expire (food and subscriptions)
✓ Have the address and phone number of the location where you’re going
✓ Get things in before their deadline
✓ Arrive on time or early

Yeah, yeah…and all those perfect Elon Muskers not only do that, but they have other people prepare or straight up do it for them.

For the rest of us, in Joumor we do our best to get to that ideal un-cluttered place by preparing in other ways, too. We:

✓ Writing things down in case technology fails us (which it does many!)
✓ Look at our emotions inside our tasks that drive us to take or not take action
✓ Ask for help when we know it’s something we normally avoid
✓ Set ourselves up to win by constantly articulating the project as we go
✓ Work in community with others so we don’t fall down and start hating ourselves

Whether you are preparing your taxes (yes, still), your elderly parent’s estate, or your own dream program you are about to launch, understanding how you work best- and accepting that- is the best preparation. Taking the time to build that awareness and work with it is Joumor.

We want to spend 67-80% of our project time preparing for the project. But before we even do that, we need to prepare ourselves for ourselves. We need to understand the way our minds and behaviors work.

Taking the time to build that awareness and work with it is Joumor.
Once we do that, the productivity flies and we feel the FUN and power in our tasks.

They become easy and flowing, and each action makes us stronger.

This is finding your power in your clutter.


Set your timer for 9 minutes.

Spend 2 minutes figuring out what you need/admitting things about your feelings that you might need to release or change to do the project.

Spend 2 more minutes writing down the components of the project.

Spend 3 minutes gathering information for your project and preparing the area where you are working.

Work for 2 minutes on the project.

How EASY and FUN was it once you took action? BOOM!

For bigger projects, apply these proportions…like any recipe, they might need adjusting but when you get it right, you could eat the whole pie. 😉

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