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From rabbi to CEO to housewife to hoarder, my clients in the past 17 years have experienced at least one thing in common: shame, frustration and confusion that comes from disorganization…which always manifests in wasted time, money and energy. These are some of the most common consequences of organizing mistakes everyone should avoid.

For entrepreneurs and CEOs, this disorganization means stunted business growth and/or losses, both financial and opportunity. Additionally, it degrades things like their health, self-confidence and relationships (business AND personal).

Whether they’re working to live or living to work (hope not!) better organization allows for better results. It’s simple.

But it doesn’t always feel so simple to CREATE better organization, does it? The best intentions to get organized can quickly slip into feelings of overwhelm, hopelessness and exhaustion.

If you know what I’m talking about, join us in the Organize Your House Intensive.

Clutter attracts clutter and the opposite is true

When we don’t know what to do with something, we are likely to put it with other stuff we don’t know what to do with. But then everything can get mixed together, and we have to start all over, sorting and making decisions and it can feel like we’re going in circles.

For any organizing project, here are 3 powerful ways to avoid falling into the trap that leaves most people stuck, disorganized and often in debt:

Mistake #1: The Project is “Everything”

FIX: Clarify the project- be realistic and kind: What EXACTLY will you accomplish. TODAY in this project? Do you have enough time to do it completely? How will you know when you are DONE? (e.g., the desk is clear and all papers are filed).

Mistake #2: Burnout

FIX: Take intentional breaks: The #1 thing clients report from 4 hour Intensives is they can’t believe how much they got done with all the breaks- normally they work nonstop for 2 or 3 or 4 hours, burn out, and are somehow not at all finished when they stop.

Mistake #3: Multi-tasking

FIX: Unitask: Sorting and putting away are NOT the same thing, especially where your brain is concerned. Set yourself up to win by FIRST preparing, then sorting, then taking action and THEN putting away at the end. As you do each component and complete it you will feel awesome, satisfied and powerful…and usually motivated and clear to do even more!

Remember, celebrate your wins, big and small. And the more you set yourself up to win, the more you will.

Sound intriguing but you feel like no one can avoid doing these and other organizing mistakes? Join us for Organize Your House Intensive where we will go through these steps BIG TIME and you’ll leave feeling exhilarated and clutter-free.

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