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A few months ago I got really excited to make high quality Joumor branded insulated water bottles. I like making things, and I like giving gifts. I researched it, my assistant and I worked on it, and it seemed like everything was flowing smoothly. Then we realized there was another, better option, and there was a pause. I came back to the project a couple of times, and each time there was a delay. Finally, I settled on one..and it was out of stock until FEBRUARY. So much for Joumor holiday gifts to my best clients!

In Joumor, “Things don’t happen for a reason- things DON’T happen for a reason.”

Last night my young baby and I were up for most of the night- that happens sometimes, and it’s hard. The next day can be really rough.

I was supposed to have a meeting in the Manhattan, but I asked Joumor what to do- Remove What Doesn’t Belong rang clearly in my head. If the fun thing fills you with stress to do it, don’t push it! My friend and colleague, a dad of two, understood. And then, the clunkiest of all Joumor principles kicked in: Use unexpected free time to do something you’ve been avoiding.

So what do you know, I managed to complete this water bottle project TODAY. And that feels like a sweet life raft. Turns out, I needed this unfinished project available to turn to in hard times so I could complete it and get that rush of Joumor. (The Joy + Humor we experience when we deal with something we’ve been avoiding or have neglected).

Make your balls of
rubber, not glass.

If you have tight deadlines and everything has a razor thin buffer, the smallest mishap shatters everything. But if you are juggling various things which don’t have specific deadlines and are safe to “drop,” it can be a fun game each time they bounce back up for completion.

Many clients ask, “How do I prioritize?”

In Joumor, Naturally Prioritizing means removing glass balls (tasks or projects that are actually urgent and will shatter or cause problems if left untended) so you can juggle and play with the rubber balls. (Yes, I hear it, too 🙂

What urgent things are looming, making you stressed and anxious? Start with those, and celebrate by juggling the fun projects with no deadlines when you’re done. What a rush of joy and humor you’ll experience.

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