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As of 2.20pm today, the Joumor Institute is closed for 2018. It’s a miracle. I’ve been talking about the Joumor Institute since 2013 and just since April 2018 we had over 100 people attend about 500 classes LIVE on video conference. Can you freaking believe that?

Joumor is about taking intentional action to create results and build confidence– but there’s even more to it. When you take intentional action you are Setting Yourself Up to Receive, which is truly the whole point of Joumor.

For example-

  • You (are organized enough to) send out invitations early enough so your friends can make it to your party.
  • Your marketing is improving because you were courageous and hired someone new and you’re starting to see results…clients!
  • You sent that invoice well before it was due and the client paid on time

Getting great results can feel like a miracle…and ever notice how, when good things happen, more good things happen?

Having a positive mindset, being willing to take action, and being willing to receive are the key components to…it all, don’t you think? And taking a little time out to notice all we do and all we have received is important.

Would you pause for one moment, hit “Submit Comment”, and share one little miracle from your life?

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