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Birth is as safe as life gets. – Harriette Hartigan

On Sunday I gave birth to my first child. He weighed 10 lbs, 7 oz and I delivered him 100% naturally. I am very proud of that.

Someday I will detail all that went into making this lifelong dream a reality. Until then, needless to say, there was a lot involved. Rationally I knew that giving birth was just the first step in parenting, but there was a sense that it was the climax of the project. Of course, it was A climax, an unbelievably surreal and seemingly life-altering experience. Yet it was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING compared to the days that ensued. And that is where Joumor comes in.

Whether or not we are fully aware of the scope of our projects, there are always more things to do afterward to tie things up or get things going once the “Main Event” has ended. And sometimes there is no one exact main event, but a series of milestones that makes success feel somewhat elusive. Either way, there are some basic Joumor Principles we can do to Set Ourselves Up to Succeed:

  • Preparation is everything and everything is preparation
  • Ask for help and receive it
  • Do what you CAN do
  • Clear the (metaphorical) desk

The project begins the day you give birth. What we think of as the goal is really just the beginning. And from there you need support, organization, and follow-up to keep your health and calm so that your nervous system can handle it- come what may. That what I’ve been blessed to have. And that’s what I want to YOU to have: support, organization, follow-up and massive success- 10 lbs, 7 oz or more. 😉

That’s what we’ll be doing in the yearlong Productivity Power Mastermind: Articulating your project and supporting you to and through the first climax so you can just keep going…and get there.

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