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“I’m going to Joumorize the ***k out of this breakup.”

This was the text I received from one of my best friends two days ago. She and her partner are breaking up, or, changing their relationship as they know it.

When I spoke to her today she was crying, but managed to list what she had done in the last TWO DAYS:

Gotten refunds going back to February
Sent paperwork AGAIN AND followed up re: her son’s financial aid application
Pitched her coaching program to 3 clients
Promoted and sold 9 tickets to a brand-new class in the town..where she just moved 2 weeks ago

Of course she has doubt and fear and sadness…but Joumor is like her gentleman bodyguard in the corner, always keeping an eye on her so she doesn’t fall too far.

Decluttering and taking care of what you need to do is always important, but sometimes it (ironically) works better when you are having a hard time. Your emotions are important, definitely. And so is the rest of your life. The way you take care of yourself when you are down is super duper important, and sometimes we don’t have the energy to be nice or good or think nice thoughts…luckily, there is Joumor.

My friend is also an advanced Joumor student. Here are the Joumor Principles she is turning to right now in her fear and sadness:

Do what you CAN do
Just keep going, Just keep going, Just keep going
Stay connected
Live Off Old Money
Rock Your Business
Yeah. Believe it or not, Rock your Business is a great thing to do when you feel like the world is exploding: Laser focusing on what would grow your business and make you proud can be exciting and fill you with confidence…and somehow the devastation of the situation is a little easier to handle.

Joumor is good all year round, but like a fire in the winter, there’s a certain beauty and warmth to getting dealing with things you’ve been avoiding when there’s a storm a’brewin’ outside.

Using Joumor to navigate painful situations can bring surprising results.

Whatever your situation is right now, may you “Joumorize the ***k out of it.”

And as I told my friend, I can’t wait to hear all about it. 🙂

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