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That’s me, taking a picture of the huge sign hanging on the wall at our Airbnb (right next to a castle, mind you) here in the old city. It was a reminder to watch my thoughts, because it can go either way…

When my boyfriend and my baby and I traveled (shlepped) through JFK airport last night and waited in long lines because neither of them have Global Entry/TSA Pre (a divine way to move more quickly through American airports- HIGHLY recommend), I kept thinking, “People with babies should be able to jump to the front of the line or have a special line. This is not easy! I would soooo appreciate that.”

Guess what? As soon as we arrived in Lisbon after not sleeping almost all night, we got on line with HUNDREDS of people arriving from all over the world. My boyfriend and I were sighing to ourselves, and my baby felt heavy in my arms.

A woman came up to us with her hand outstretched speaking Portugese. It took me a moment to realize she was saying, “Priority.” People with babies have priority- they go in a different line. And guess how many people were in front of us when we got to that different line? 1! Just 1!

This is what I’m talking about, my Joumorous friends: Belief in yourself and your desires…with no attachment. I just kept thinking how nice it would be if we could go to the front of the line…and then next time there was a line, we were at the front.

Success is a combination of many things, and one of them is mindset. Mindset means you think good things. Optimistic things. And you keep doing then. And then you play the fun game of watching them come true.

When I checked my email here in Portugal, there were emails from students in my last New Year’s Resolution: Take Three class asking for more classes available sooner than Feb 26th. (We’ll see what we can do!). But the point is, I wanted to do these classes regularly, and

Then I got really positive.
Then I told people and
They got excited.
And now they’re asking for more.

Mindset. If you want to do it, (not if you don’t, and not if you’re not ready), You Can If You Think You Can.

What’s the thing YOU THINK YOU CAN?

I’d love to hear from you. Hit reply and let me know!



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