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A lot of what I learned years ago riding and caring for horses in high school is analogous to productivity. The metaphorical lessons still come to me in the shower…

Have you ever combed a horse’s tail? It can be a knotty affair. (And be careful-stand to the side, not directly behind the horse!). It can be difficult and you can get hurt. So how do you Joumor the situation to give the horse a gleaming tail that wins prizes?

Have the right tools available: in Joumor we prepare beforehand. Get your comb, conditioner, water, little bucket…or so to speak…whatever you need to complete your project easily- before you begin.

Make sure you have enough space to work: like I mentioned, we need room for the horse AND for you to stand to the side, not to mention any movement the horse may make as you comb through what can be a tender area. So too, in your project, make sure you have enough room! Can doors open fully? Are you uncomfortably crowded or do you have ample room to navigate as you work on things?

Start from the bottom- Do the Easiest Thing First: Tempting as it may be to stick your powerful comb in the center of the dusty, knotty tail, the truth is that won’t get you anywhere. Start at the bottom, where the hairs are less dense and also less knotted, and work your way up. Two things will happen- the area where you work and rework will start to gleam, and then by the time you get to the truly knotty area, it will be a lot easier to achieve success more quickly.

Creating your version of productivity is a personal affair, but following Joumor Principles and doing things in the easiest way possible will fuel your motivation to continue. Believe it or not, it takes clarity and discipline to start at the bottom, with the tendrils, with what’s easiest. But instead of punishing yourself by “attacking” the hardest thing first – and then abandoning the project because it’s so overwhelming – believe that little by little, “easy by easy” will get you there faster than you thought.

And…you can add some pretty bows to the project once you’re done. 😉

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