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You know that saying, “If you want something done, ask a busy person?” There’s a reason for that. It’s the same reason that the same actors are “in everything.”

They’ve got it goin’ on!

In Joumor, Clutter attracts clutter and the opposite is true.

When you are distracted, late, and overwhelmed, everything starts to be more like that, exacerbating your frustration and overwhelm.

Ever been in debt? And then somehow ended up in deeper debt?

Because Clutter attracts clutter and the opposite is true. Busy people get stuff done because they are (hypothetically) active and productive. They have a proven track record of success.

So do already famous actors- so they get more work.

Did you know the actor Jim Carrey visualized himself earning 10 million dollars…and then received it? Did you know he wrote himself a check for 10 Million Dollars, went up each night on Mulholland Drive, and saw himself receiving it- when he had nothing. And then a few years later, after working hard, he received that exact amount for Dumb and Dumber.

Jim Carrey had Intention. He wrote his goal down, visualized it, felt it in his bones, and worked hard to make it happen. In a relatively short time he received his Intention/Goal/Desire.

What’s your Internal Reputation?

  • Do you trust yourself to take care of things in a timely manner?
  • Do you know you’ll follow up?
  • Do you believe you’ll show up on time?
  • Do you know you’ll pay the bills when they’re due?

Our Internal Reputation is super important. You can call it your subconscious, your experience of yourself, your expectation…how you see yourself is how you’ll be. Guess what: it’s really hard to change how we see ourselves and how we behave. Really hard.

But it IS possible. You need to make change slowly so your nervous system can catch up. “The basic map of brain wiring occurs during embryonic and postnatal development.”(1) For most of us, that was a really long time ago.

So how can we shift our Internal Reputation so we trust ourselves, grow our perception of what’s possible, and affect how others see and treat us?

The answer: THREE THINGS.

Joumor students use The Grand To-Do (TM), an awesome to-do list that not only helps them get stuff done, it builds confidence.

How? It’s called Today’s Top 3.

  1. Choose a maximum of 3 things you need to accomplish today (ideally the night before or early in the morning).
  2. Break each task into its smallest parts, as many as necessary, ideally about 2-3 mins per part.
  3. Review the list and confirm you have Set Yourself Up to Win- you CAN and WILL accomplish this today.
  4. Take action and get them as done as possible.
  5. Notate what happened for tasks that could require follow-up.

When we become intentional about our productivity and pursue it, everything shifts. When our confidence is up, it’s easier to believe. When we believe it’s possible, it’s easier to take action. When we see ourselves succeeding, we’re inspired for more.

We won’t all conjure 10M dollars with our intention, because we’re not all focused and working toward

Important date or concept for busy day being overworked

that like Jim Carrey was.

If you find yourself with many projects and a lot going on, take a step back to confirm that your beliefs and actions are intentional, (3 per day, seriously, try it!) guiding you somewhere you want to go.

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