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Have you ever avoided something for so long that when you finally did that thing it was awesome…and you couldn’t even remember why you avoided it for so long?

That was me…about tons of things. I’m here at a conference in LA to scale my business and am admitting some big things I’ve been avoiding (stay tuned for more details).

Taxes were something I avoided year after year…until I built a system that worked for me and made it, cough, PLEASURABLE to pay them!

Another thing I’ve avoided is doing webinars because I felt uncomfortable and inadequate. But that’s in the past.

The Top 3 Ways to ROCK Your Taxes in 2019

There’s a great chance that Doing that thing you’ve been avoiding will give you a breath of fresh air as you release the clutch of avoidance. Once it’s done, you’ll feel confident that you just freaking DID it and will be ready for the next challenge with this feather in your cap.

You might have avoided stuff for decades but you know what? As long as you are alive and have the desire, it’s possible.

To your success,


Can’t wait to see you on the Joumor Institute (click here to sign up) as we un-avoid together. 🙂

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