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On October 28th, Marianne* joined us at the Joumor Institute because she was so anxious she couldn’t get dressed to get her son to school on time most days. On November 19th, less than a month later, she found €250 and $100 today at noon in a 30 minute class called No More Paper Clutter.

Smiling broadly she shared, “I had a feeling that the euros were here in this stuff, and I knew that $100 was somewhere, but now I’ve found it.”

On the surface, this might not seem like a big deal, but it IS because:

  • We know we’ve misplaced things and it’s driving us crazy
  • We might be stressed about/need money and it’s literally right there in front of us- but do we make the time to find it?
  • It is so freaking satisfying to find and use what we already have

Of course I can’t guarantee results, but this client found/earned 127% of her investment within 3 weeks. Most clients find/save or suddenly earn around this percent of their investment in the first month of Joumor.

Finding money is the very beginning of decluttering!

Another client who worked with me a couple of years ago told me yesterday after the Decluttering Intensive Sunday she has found 40 bonds in the last few days, each worth $100.

It’s not just hoarders who have tons of stuff they’re not maximizing. We all have literal stuff or gifts or abilities that we are not using simply because we are neither intentional, organized or HAVE THE SUPPORT we need to be disciplined about continually uncovering and using what we have.

We all need support. I used to be a professional organizer- I know how to organize things really well…but I’m wayyy more likely to do it when all my Joumor peeps are organizing their stuff live on video with me.

If you have a hard time decluttering or you need consistency to build a new habit by or in the new year, come join us for a free class at the Joumor Institute. This special deal is 6 months of live classes, 60-80/month so you are never alone when you’re doing those scary projects like taxes that make you feel like you need a hug…:)

  • If you’re stressed about money, declutter.
  • If you’re stressed about time, plan your calendar.
  • If you’re feeling alone, work live in community.

We do all these things at the Joumor Institute. Hit reply and we’ll set you up to come to as many classes as you want THIS WEEK to try it out, as my guest.

Everything is little by little till you get there- and get there you will when you’re surrounded by people who get you and are on a similar path.

To your found money and so much more!

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