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“A store got in touch with me asking me for the exact style that I had just put my new production assistant on. I feel like I have created space and structure for that to happen. It feels like magic. I’ve also been to yoga every day this week and writing in my journal almost every day. So, the other habits that I really wanted to happen are…just happening.” – 66 Student

Um, WOW.

Do you see how this “Magic” works, ladies and gentlemen? It is the ULTIMATE GOAL OF JOUMOR:

Set Yourself Up to Receive.

While you may think Joumor/productivity is all about pushing and focusing and Getting. It. Done….it’s not! The secret is: it’s about doing what you already wanted and needed to do, and sitting back comfortably on your responsible haunches, resting on your well-earned laurels, and Receiving.

That’s right, babies, RECEIVING!

When you do your “homework” people and clients come to you. (66 student testimonial)
When you take care of your bills, you suddenly start working out. (66 student testimonial)
People just randomly want to give you gifts and pay you. (66 student testimonial)

I am not kidding. It’s that good.

So when you think about what new habit you want to create, make it tiny. Something you want to and will do.

And then, be kind to yourself. Try to do it 3-5x per week. Ideally 4.

Trust me, it’s the little things that count, and plant the seeds for the bigger ones. I see it every day.

Dubious? Start doing it, and start receiving.

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