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“Procrastination makes easy things hard, hard things harder.” Mason Cooley

Sometimes we’re in the mood to do things, and it’s easy- we absorb ourselves in our passion and can work for days or months and it never feels like work. We have energy, we laugh easily, we feel generous…but what about the rest of the time, when the muse is not there for us to make love to? In some cases we can continue little by little, step by step, but there are other cases where, mood or not, muse or not, we simply must “get in the mood” anyway and fulfill our responsibility. This is the terrible truth of being a grown-up: sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to do.

What?! Do things we don’t want to do? How undignified! How terribly dry and unfair!

But guess what? When we do find our way through the boredom and paralysis, we realize that our muse was always there, she was just asphyxiated by the unpaid bills, unfinished projects and other hellish tasks. When we choose Joumor, getting to the other side of those things we’ve been avoiding…by doing them…our muses sing and fly and sometimes even dance the polka.

I hope you enjoy this little video I made for you…and I assure you I was not, cough, in the mood…but am sending it anyway. 😉

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