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In this guest post, Clare Monteau, Joumor student and entrepreneur, describes the positive impact Joumor has had on her in small and large ways.

“I wanted to summarize really neatly what I got out of taking the Joumor organizing class. It’s now 6 months later and I still find myself not only reaping the benefits of the skills I developed in class, but continuing to deepen my awareness of myself and my habits. The changes that came about are profound. As an business owner for the past 2 years (after being in the corporate world for 12 years) being highly effective and staying in a high vibration are critically important to me.

I took the class with the desire to get myself more organized with my work as an entrepreneur, and move forward on some house projects that I was stuck on.

In the first week of class, the Joumor tool we used released a huge amount of anxiety, and from that moment a journey began for me: It wasn’t just about getting stuff done, it was about developing an awareness of just how much anxiety I was creating for myself with my mental clutter. One of the most powerful things I got from this class was getting to see what was going on in my head at a whole different level. Now, I can see how I create tension and frustration with myself for continually not meeting my own expectations, but back then I wasn’t aware of many things that were getting in the way of my success. Not having the structure of a corporate schedule and all that entails required an enormous shift and the understanding I now have of myself, along with systems that support me, has brought more grace and ease to every single day.” –Clare Monteau, Performance, Passion and Purpose

Thank you, Clare! So glad the Joumor work and tools continue to serve you.

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