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In 2010, in an interview about his goals, Derrick Rose said, “Why can’t I be MVP of the league? Why can’t I be the best player in the league? I don’t see why. Why? Why can’t I do that?” Less than a year later, Derrick Rose became the youngest NBA MVP player of all time, and has been working at it and reinventing himself ever since to keep coming back after multiple injuries.

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”. -Bruce Lee

Derrick Rose stated his intention to be MVP and achieved it through intense practice just one year later and broke a record doing it. He endured many ups and downs in his career and, 8 years later, joined the top ranks of his team, #5 in the history of The Timberwolves, scoring 50 points in just one game.

At the Joumor Institute, we have 12 core classes that repeat about 4-5 times each throughout each month. Is it repetitive? You bet. Can it get a little boring to keep doing the same thing? I don’t know. Ask Derrick Rose if his tens of thousands of practice shots per year plus games feel boring to him.

It’s our goals and results that are fascinating, not necessarily the practice and tasks along the way. Now, that’s not to say that we can’t enjoy the journey, but the key to succeeding and actually reaching your goals is repetition and adjustment along the way.

You don’t get fit by going to the gym once…or for a month
You don’t track your expenses for taxes by scanning your credit card one or 10 times
You don’t create great relationships by meeting someone one

And you don’t declutter and build your vision by working on it just a few times or even for a few months!

Every single successful person you have ever heard of, from Thomas Edison to JK Rowling to Derrick Rose, worked and worked and worked and worked to get the results they got.

The hard work can even be fun, especially when you do it in community and have an accountability partner or coach.

There are 3 vital keys to success: Intention, Expectation and Action.

  1. Clarify what you want to create.
  2. Be realistic and kind to yourself about what’s involved in creating it.
  3. Take repeated action that gets you there, and be willing to change your actions if you’re not getting there…while continuing to take action!

No one says you have to be a superstar. But if you’re an entrepreneur who would like to grow your influence and leave a legacy of change in the world, prepare to take action and not stop until it’s done.

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