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Joumor is Joy + Humor. But how do we access this?

Riding my bike yesterday through New Forest, near Burley, England, I encountered a Joumorous irony: sometimes allowing things to be harder makes them easier.

The path was gravelly, but after awhile I got the hang of the bumpiness and found speed. Zipping under the forest’s canopy with fallen trees on one side and wild horses grazing on the other was magnificent. But then the hills came, longer and larger than they seemed. Losing momentum and falling behind made it feel even harder than it probably was. I shifted gears to make it easier to pedal, but went even slower. The answer was to find the right resistance to be able to stand and pedal at a regular pace. It took more effort, but was less demoralizing, and I went much faster.

Many of us want the path of least resistance. But sometimes that leaves us stuck on a steep hill. Going deep into the experience of discomfort and finding our action steps from there is what actually frees us.

How to find strength in resistance: Make a list of everything you’re unhappy about in a given situation. Get specific- “I feel helpless about X.” Then think what you could do to alchemize this- what specific action you could take to feel less helpless.

All parts of you have golden information. With the courage to reap it, you will go faster and higher, freeing yourself with every step.

Ps, Joumor’s Reorganize Yourself Kit will be available in just 2 weeks! Stay tuned for fancy exciting photos to tempt your Chanukah stockings. 😉

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