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“Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes.” Hugh Prather

Sometimes we are creating change intentionally, sometimes it is happening around us. No matter the details, change…changes things. Whether or not we are actively desiring or creating change, one thing is sure: it can feel exhausting and overwhelming, even if it’s good.

Recently a very diligent CEO Rise client wrote to me, “I’m actually sick. This is very rare, but it happens. I’ve had to cancel everything. Any thoughts on the Joumorous way to handle illness?”

Here’s what I told my client: Joumor is about preparation and unitasking. What does that mean?

It means doing things so you are prepared in case you cannot do them. We can’t plan for everything, but having inventories and backups in place can help illnesses, deaths and Gd forbid tragedies become relatively more manageable.

Very few people (especially Americans, because we have more stuff and tend to be more disorganized and overwhelmed) are in a good place in this regard. To distinguish yourself, and set yourself up to WIN, do what needs to be done on a regular basis so there is as little urgent or outstanding as possible. Then, if you are sick, you can focus on resting and healing in a unitasking way, because nothing else is pulling at your subconscious every moment- you are Free.

Joumor Principles:

Maintenance is Magic
Preparation is everything, everything is preparation

Change requires energy. Whatever the situation, when change happens your infrastructure should be strong and flexible like a palm tree- able to bend over in a storm and spring back up afterwards. How to make that happen Joumorously? Keep up with your to-do list so that you can always be present and available to address new challenges. Whether or not the change is one you would have chosen, when you trust yourself that you can handle it, you will.

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