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Marianne’s* been hovering around my work for about 5 years- attending free classes, reading my newsletter, and watching my videos, but she’d never signed up for anything. The other day we got on the phone and she shared that:

Im late bringing my son to school every day because Im so anxious I cant get dressed.

She decided to join the Joumor Institute thinking she’d only be able to come to a class or two per week due to her schedule. Miraculously, she’s made it to every one so far.

Not only is Marianne already shifting her habits AND setting herself up to win, she’s making life better for herself and her son by Dealing With Her Anxiety.

Giving in to your anxiety on a daily basis compromises everything about you-

  • How you parent
  • How you do business
  • How much money you waste
  • How you take care of yourself
  • How long you live
  • How you treat other people

Im not a therapist or neurologist, but I‘ve helped hundreds of students lower anxiety by setting themselves up to win by doing what they need to do. If you’re ready to actually do things differently, join us for the rest of the year so you can enter 2020 more clear, organized and productive than you’ve ever been.


We all have our issues and we’ll never be perfect. The good news is, when you remove the unfinished tasks that have been plaguing you, a lot more is possible.

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