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This week has brought the death of two icons- Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, both apparent suicides.

I’m writing to you about this topic because it lies close to my heart. I spent years struggling with ideations…and I am grateful I have lived to tell the tale. It wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my family and friends, and knowledge that we got along the way that made me believe/hope that “This too shall pass.” And thank goodness it did.

Did you know suicide rates in our country are up 25% in the past 20 years? Americans have the highest rate of mental health disorders in the whole WORLD.

There are many many things that can cause us to feel unwell- from the food we eat to EMF’s to shampoos to mold to whatever…and especially medications. We can feel like we can’t take it for one more minute…

There is a really good chance that if you change your environment, change what you are putting into or onto your body, and ASK FOR HELP you will feel better. It can take years and it might not be perfect but it will change. Now of course I am not a doctor or “ist” of any kind, but I founded Joumor with firsthand experience of how scarily depressed we can feel sometimes- knowing the fear that the feeling won’t stop can lead us to believe we need to escape, for good.

What does this have to do with productivity? EVERYTHING.

When we feel alone or hopeless or depressed, the natural thing is to isolate and “drown” inour clutter. Even if we’re not planning to take our own life, we can beat ourselves up and be vicious…making it harder and harder to feel hope, joy or humor. The amazing thing is, when we start taking little tiny actions our dopamine goes up, we feel a little purpose, and we can actually start to feel better.

I’ll leave you with a couple of Joumor Principles (created from the hardest of times..). These are in no way a replacement or prescription for curing depression- but they’re worth noodling on when you’re feeling down. I promise you you are not alone.

1. Just keep going, just keep going, just keep going: Trying again and mixing it up can really help. Do it differently or pivot what you’re working on- nothing is static and things
will change with time.
2. The Accordion Effect: Things go up and down and in and out and all around- we want to try to find the music rather than just hear the wheeze…even if it sounds crazy.
3. ASK: Do you know how good it makes people feel to be needed, and to help someone they love? Let people support you and be with you- on the phone, on video, or ideally in-person.

Kate, you built a billion dollar business from an idea…and were known for your innocence, bouffant and sweet smile.

Anthony, you wrote a letter to the NY Times exposing the underbelly of restaurant work inNYC and became a superstar…you were known for your passion for eating..even things that gross other people out!

As you go forth into this weekend, may you appreciate all the beauty and whimsy of life, especially that is you. You are special and important and loved. Don’t let anyone, especially not you, tell you any differently.

***If you ever need support of this kind, here is the number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255***

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