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It takes 9 months to make a…

Joumor’s Reorganize Yourself Kit!

“Everything takes longer than you think.” –Sue Fisch, my mother

Did you ever get an idea to do something, get really excited, and then years later look back and wonder why it never came into reality?

In addition to the work of making my first product, here are some of the unexpected challenges I encountered:

  • The designer’s files were erased
  • The printer forgot to print things
  • Each iteration (5) was mysteriously thrown away (culprit still not discovered)
  • “Final” prototype price estimate: 10X expectations- redesign needed
  • “Final final” prototype price estimate: 5X expectations- redesign needed

And then…

  • The designer was leaving the country for 2 weeks when we needed final revisions
  • The printer’s printer broke and they had no estimate when it would be fixed
  • I was leaving for a few weeks so would have to deal with everything remotely

I mean, SERIOUSLY!!!

But you know what? It still worked! Yup. It’s here and it’s beautiful.

I hope:
Millions of people will buy one (or 10!) 🙂
Joumor’s Reorganize Yourself Kit will help people who cannot afford to or are too shy to work with an organizer.
This is the first step to leaving the legacy of Joumor.

But the beauty of it is, even if none of this happens, it was a success. A success of perseverance and creating something marvelous.

It’s REALLY EASY TO GIVE UP. It seems like things should be easier. The balance of miracles to weird challenges seems terribly tipped…but please don’t give up. We need your beautiful ideas and awesome products. We need to hold your dreams in our hands and be awed by them. We want to be amazed by the challenging journey you overcame. Don’t give up. Do it for you and do it for all of us.

Be an exception. Raise us up with your dreams.

PS: Interested in purchasing Joumor’s Reorganize Yourself Kit? Don’t worry! We’ll be sending out info the moment it is available. 🙂

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