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…Of the iceberg, people! 😉

We can only see 10% of an iceberg. The other 90% is beneath the surface.

The same is true with our stuff, space, time, habits, money, dreams, relationships…and our bodies. There’s the surface..and the other 90% unseen but very present truths.

Joumor Principle: It’s the thing itself and something else.


Just as we are one being, our stuff exists in our world, and it’s all connected and affecting us all the time.

Let’s look at an example:

A piece of junk mail comes in.

You want to “do the right thing” and remove yourself from the mailing list and save wasted paper and cut down on junk mail. So you put it to the side. It’s soon covered in other stuff. 2 months later, you’re going through this pile and you happily put this junk mail directly in recycling, relieved you don’t have to make a decision. But a little sting accompanies the satisfying thunk as the heavy envelope plunks down in the bag- you wish you’d remove yourself from the mailing list, but you just “don’t have time.”

Can you relate?

There are a few things going on here:

  1. You’re allowing unwanted solicitation, over and over again
  2. Your actions are not aligned with your values/desires
  3. You’re whittling away at your self-trust, coming to believe you can’t count on yourself to do what you really want, even for small things

That little piece of junk mail is just the tip. It the thing itself, a piece of mail, and something else: it also represents

  • Your values
  • Your time
  • Your follow-through
  • Your hopelessness
  • Your frustration…

…all in one tidy envelope. And this is something that’s not even important!

What about things that really do matter to you?

That business you want to build.
That vacation you want to take.
That debt you want to be free from…there is a tangled web between you and the realization of your desires…often masked as a piece of innocent mail.

And that’s what’s great. When we begin unraveling the web we can see more clearly, act more effectively, and achieve our goals, clutter-free. No literal clutter, no metaphorical clutter. We can do it all Joumorously.

My upcoming Mastermind is one whole year. If I could, I’d make it 3-4 years, and it would start with 9 or 10-year-olds. Why? By the time we’re the way we are, we have a lot of built up…clutter. Habits, beliefs, bills…and literal mail. It takes time to undo and improve on our past decisions, but it can be done.

Since we Joumorizers always start with the easiest thing first, all we have to do is make time to unsubscribe from that mailing list, and that’s a lot easier to do in a community when you have people around you for accountability. Because sometimes even the easiest things feel hard.

It’s all yours for the taking. The question is, will you do what it takes?

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