August 28, 2023


11:00:39 From damiani : Aw, thanks Jenia! 🙂
11:00:43 From Barrie Cole : Thanks! : )
11:00:52 From Jenia Pesiakova : emotional
11:00:55 From Patricia Black : peppy
11:00:58 From Kat Burns : Good!
11:00:59 From Barrie Cole : Calm
11:01:01 From damiani : friendly
11:01:03 From Jane Fleury : Mixed
11:01:04 From Sharon : happy to be here
11:01:13 From Leslie Lewis (she/her) : languid
11:01:14 From Jenia Pesiakova : what does “peppy” mean?
11:01:29 From Jane Fleury : TIred/enthusiastice
11:01:38 From Jodi Baygood : feeling creative
11:01:41 From Patricia Black : @Jenia, peppy means you have plenty of energy, feeling good 🙂
11:01:41 From Donna : fired up
11:01:56 From Tina Peacock : calm
11:01:56 From Jane Fleury : correcting typing: tired/enthusiastic
11:02:21 From Leah Fisch : MY MINE – Can delight
11:02:38 From damiani : Just Shazzamed it.
11:02:41 From damiani : So good
11:02:56 From Jenia Pesiakova : Oh, love peppy then @Patricia!!
11:03:03 From Kathy Reboul : happy
11:03:26 From Sarah Clark She/Her : tired
11:04:15 From Jam : tired
11:04:39 From JAHNAVI ALYSSA : refreshed
11:04:53 From Leslie Lewis (she/her) : I have watched some and they are so useful!!
11:05:03 From Leslie Lewis (she/her) : Love June 10 for its 15 minute baseline
11:05:16 From Leslie Lewis (she/her) : 😜
11:05:26 From Roberta Lovejoy : sad
11:05:58 From Jenia Pesiakova : embrace it Roberta, feel it, I am with you
11:06:04 From Leslie Lewis (she/her) : Xo Roberta❤️
11:06:08 From Sonja Mitchell : Glad to be here
11:06:14 From damiani : Damn Jam, that top! xo
11:06:19 From Jenia Pesiakova : great to see you Sonja
11:06:29 From Patricia Black : oh! Getting spanked!!!
11:06:30 From Donna : this would have been the first time ever i
11:06:37 From Donna : d have said YES to being at baseline
11:06:54 From Jam : Haha, thanks Damiani – it’s actually a nightgown 😉
11:06:55 From Donna : 🙂
11:06:58 From Jenia Pesiakova : Donnnnaaaaa HIIIIIIIII goddess
11:07:01 From damiani : Love!
11:07:01 From Patricia Black : Yay Donna!!!
11:07:04 From Jam : I thought I’d get dressed during baseline
11:07:25 From Jenia Pesiakova : ManiFestival!! LOVE THAT =)
11:07:30 From Jane Fleury : Please keep manifestival!
11:07:45 From Donna : I can see/heare
11:07:46 From damiani : See you
11:07:50 From Patricia Black : it’s fine
11:07:51 From Jam : No issue
11:07:52 From Lauren Legendre : fine for me
11:07:53 From Jane Fleury : OK
11:07:53 From Tina Peacock : good
11:07:55 From Jenia Pesiakova : it’s good
11:07:57 From damiani : Mercury!!!
11:07:59 From Sharon : good
11:08:07 From Jam : So much mercury rx
11:08:15 From Leslie Lewis (she/her) : Fine by me…
11:14:43 From Christina Pearce : busy
11:14:50 From Wendy Sax : Excited
11:15:04 From Jodi Baygood : write fathers day card!!!
11:15:19 From Donna : Send email
11:15:21 From Sarah Clark She/Her : Send out doodle poll
11:15:25 From Wendy Sax : Fill out health log
11:15:25 From Leslie Lewis (she/her) : Add Father’s day card to annual to do list!
11:15:39 From Jane Fleury : Check student vs. person in db.
11:15:43 From Roberta Lovejoy : Send a Girl Scout Email…at least start the process
11:15:49 From Leslie Lewis (she/her) : (It was already my task, but I love hive mind!)
11:15:53 From damiani : Send message re: money
11:15:56 From Barrie Cole : Get the paperwork needed to purchase city stickers for kids.
11:16:03 From Sonja Mitchell : Prepare 3 boxes for sorting books
11:16:05 From Patricia Black : start an address list of art clients
11:16:18 From 11:22 Unitask : Nice everyone!
11:16:29 From Tina Peacock : follow up with payroll issue
11:17:06 From Sharon : figure out a bill amount
11:17:14 From Kat Burns : journal
11:23:23 From Tina Peacock : Yes
11:23:29 From Jenia Pesiakova : YES
11:23:31 From damiani : Not me, capital N and M.
11:23:32 From Sonja Mitchell : yes
11:23:35 From Barrie Cole : No
11:23:36 From Jodi Baygood : I am so so close
11:23:36 From JAHNAVI ALYSSA : nope
11:23:38 From Jam : no
11:23:39 From Roberta Lovejoy : no
11:23:44 From Patricia Black : NOPE
11:23:47 From Sharon : noo
11:23:47 From Kat Burns : SO CLOSE
11:23:59 From Jane Fleury : Need 2 min.
11:24:19 From Sharon : yay
11:24:32 From Jam : Did I miss the gratitude section or did you skip that this am?
11:24:51 From damiani : Lol
11:26:06 From Kathy Reboul : yes to roller skating
11:27:33 From Tina Peacock : Thank you for this important boundary reminder!
11:27:47 From 11:36 Baseline : You’re welcome Tina!
11:27:52 From 11:36 Baseline : Yes Kathy!
11:38:33 From 11:36 Baseline : https://www.facebook.com/groups/696965934245269
11:39:48 From Sharon : I’m grateful for how supportive everyone here is of each other!
11:40:09 From 11:41 Gratitudes : Beautiful Sharon! Me too. <3
11:41:22 From Roberta Lovejoy : Grateful I never give up on myself. Grateful for cool weather, cloudy days, birds chirping outside my window,
11:42:37 From 11:44 Support each other! : Gorgeous Roberta!
11:42:49 From Roberta Lovejoy : Left coasters- Inspired you are up and in class at 8AM
11:42:51 From Sharon : I love that Roberta! So inspiring!’
11:44:26 From Christina Pearce : Grateful that I’m finally at baseline!
11:44:49 From Patricia Black : Yay Christina!!!
11:44:57 From JAHNAVI ALYSSA : update hours + receipts
11:45:03 From Patricia Black : Complete editing work
11:45:08 From Sharon : finishing what I started in the 7 minutes
11:45:14 From Leslie Lewis (she/her) : Handle the shipping of the rug
11:45:18 From Roberta Lovejoy : work on write ohomework
11:45:22 From Sarah Clark She/Her : Finalize menti poll for retirement party
11:45:29 From Kat Burns : 7 core compromised emotions
11:45:30 From Barrie Cole : Continue work on procuring City Stickers for kids.
11:45:34 From 12:04 UNITASK : Fantastic all!
11:45:35 From Jodi Baygood : Cutting out images to send to my daughter at camp and completing a epic father’s day card
11:45:37 From Christina Pearce : Pay my bills
11:45:43 From damiani : Gonna keep baselining, cuz it’s that kinda day. Mercury messed with my alarm clock this AM!
11:45:44 From 12:04 UNITASK : Kat: Verb + task
11:45:50 From Tina Peacock : Declutter my office and sleeping space
11:45:55 From 12:04 UNITASK : awww Damiani
11:46:17 From Kat Burns : Watch 7 core compromised emotions video =)
11:49:08 From 12:04 UNITASK : 🙂
11:50:22 From Yoga En Casa : the Internet connection is very bad here today, keeps getting me out…
12:04:15 From JAHNAVI ALYSSA : 5
12:04:19 From Jodi Baygood : 5
12:04:19 From Jenia : 4
12:04:19 From Sharon : 4
12:04:22 From Leslie Lewis (she/her) : 5
12:04:23 From Donna : 4
12:04:23 From Barrie Cole : 4
12:04:25 From Sarah Clark She/Her : 5
12:04:26 From Kat Burns : 3
12:04:28 From damiani : 4.95
12:04:32 From Christina Pearce : 5
12:04:58 From Roberta Lovejoy : 4
12:05:08 From 12:04 UNITASK : https://bit.ly/CLARIFY2021
12:05:10 From damiani : I do!
12:05:12 From damiani : I will!
12:05:18 From damiani : Gonna be there!
12:05:24 From Sonja Mitchell : 2.5 big job
12:05:36 From 12:04 UNITASK : https://bit.ly/CLARIFY2021
12:06:52 From 12:04 UNITASK : MY MINE – Can delight
12:07:06 From Patricia Black : I got kicked out of the zoom, I missed that last announcement
12:07:15 From damiani : Why can’t I find it on Spodify!?!
12:07:24 From damiani : *spotify
12:09:24 From damiani : Total 80s flashback. sooooo good.
12:10:06 From 12:09 BREAK : Review Bank Statements
Review Credit Card Statement
Send invoice
Pay bill/invoice
Follow up on refund
Issue refund
Review investments
Track taxes
Pay taxes
Pay loan
Pay rent
Send letter
Communicate by phone or email with financial person
12:10:20 From Sarah Clark She/Her : Pay bill
12:10:20 From JAHNAVI ALYSSA : followup on refund + send email about no charge
12:10:24 From Sharon : pay a bill
12:10:46 From Roberta Lovejoy : check bank statements
12:10:46 From Wendy Sax : paying bills
12:10:54 From Sonja Mitchell : pay bill; check statements
12:11:23 From damiani : Contact online brokerage
12:11:43 From Leslie Lewis (she/her) : Enter expenses into Quickbooks
12:11:57 From Tina Peacock : check bank balances
12:14:00 From Jenia : just finished 1 task of my todays Grand To DO
12:14:26 From damiani : YAY, Jenia! Me too! Double win. 🙂
12:14:49 From Jenia : YEI!!
12:14:59 From 12:18 Millionaire Minutes : Go Jenia!!
12:16:49 From Jane Fleury : File
12:18:59 From Sarah Clark She/Her : energized
12:19:00 From Kat Burns : Good!
12:19:01 From Donna : in the groove
12:19:02 From Patricia Black : Flow
12:19:04 From Roberta Lovejoy : calm
12:19:05 From Wendy Sax : Flow
12:19:06 From Tina Peacock : curious
12:19:07 From JAHNAVI ALYSSA : accomplished
12:19:09 From Barrie Cole : optimistic
12:19:11 From Christina Pearce : encouraged
12:19:11 From Leslie Lewis (she/her) : tense
12:19:14 From Kathy Reboul : hot
12:19:14 From damiani : goodie
12:19:18 From Jam : scattered
12:19:31 From Jam : Scatter brained more accurately
12:20:16 From Sonja Mitchell : satisfied
12:20:54 From Patricia Black : Cool, Leslie!
12:21:05 From Wendy Sax : Are “above the line” positive emotions and below the line “negative” emotions?
12:21:06 From Barrie Cole : Amazing.
12:21:17 From Sharon : wow!
12:21:20 From Leslie Lewis (she/her) : Thanks, Patricia!
12:21:24 From damiani : I could just use your shirt…”Fantastic, New Vibe…”
12:22:14 From Wendy Sax : thank you!
12:23:15 From damiani : Take 1 step on dad’s GTD
12:23:16 From Donna : sort papers
12:23:18 From Leslie Lewis (she/her) : Clear 3 boxes
12:23:20 From Patricia Black : Putting items in etsy shop
12:23:23 From Tina Peacock : Declutter main bathroom and bedroom
12:23:24 From Kat Burns : Continue watching 7 core compromised emotions video
12:23:24 From JAHNAVI ALYSSA : complete all communication tasks on gtd
12:23:28 From Roberta Lovejoy : continue writing
12:23:28 From Wendy Sax : finish paying bills
12:23:32 From Jane Fleury : Continue checking link.
12:23:33 From Sharon : tidying room
12:23:35 From Leslie Lewis (she/her) : Edit: 3rd pass on one box
12:23:36 From Kathy Reboul : I will prepare so calm for 1 pm meeting.
12:23:52 From Jodi Baygood : complete project for kaya and then begin gateway work
12:24:22 From Sonja Mitchell : finish sorting at least one bookcase – haven’t found any books I really want to get rid of so far
12:25:05 From Jenia : will prepare my yoga class
12:25:08 From 12:52 UNITASK : Sonja sorting is the PERFECT First Pass!
12:52:45 From damiani : 5
12:52:46 From JAHNAVI ALYSSA : 4
12:52:50 From Donna : 3
12:52:52 From Jodi Baygood : 5
12:52:53 From Jenia : 3
12:52:53 From Barrie Cole : 4
12:52:56 From Sharon : 4
12:52:57 From Roberta Lovejoy : 5
12:52:59 From Tina Peacock : 5
12:52:59 From Leslie Lewis (she/her) : 5
12:52:59 From Kathy Reboul : 5
12:53:04 From Patricia Black : 1 did something totally different
12:53:06 From Wendy Sax : 5
12:53:07 From Sarah Clark She/Her : 3. 5 on a thing I didn’t set out to do but was top 3
12:53:10 From Kat Burns : 4
12:53:11 From Christina Pearce : 4
12:53:17 From 12:52 UNITASK : https://zoom.us/j/202762712
12:53:42 From Sonja Mitchell : went through one bookcase and now have to organize and put back
12:53:54 From Jodi Baygood : Go Sonja!!!
12:53:56 From Roberta Lovejoy : Jenia is a excellent yoga teacher!
12:53:58 From Jam : I’m back to my old habit of not setting an intention and just doing whatever – but I do intend to clear some drawers later
12:54:13 From Jenia : Thanks Roberta!! =)
12:54:22 From damiani : Look at my post JAM to inspire you!!!
12:54:23 From Jam : I could start – it’s a big project
12:54:39 From Jam : Where Damiani – FB?
12:54:48 From Jenia : Have a great day and weekend everybody, needa go for the Chair Yoga Class
Thanks Leah!
12:54:59 From 12:59 Calendar/Read/Get to 5 : bye!
13:00:26 From damiani : Yes, JAM. In the Plab group.
13:01:21 From Donna : <3
13:01:22 From damiani : A-ho!
13:01:25 From Tina Peacock : <3
13:01:25 From Patricia Black : thank you!
13:01:27 From Sarah Clark She/Her : Thanks!!!
13:01:28 From Wendy Sax : Thank you


Go ahead and pop your current emotion in the chat bar. And given that emotion we are going to have three minutes on the clock curious, indifferent, determined, ready, frozen, we’ve got a gamut blah. So we’re gonna have three minutes to move yourself into we really have the whole gamut here I feel like into or a lot of the gamut pop your motion in the chat bar if you haven’t, we’re gonna have three minutes to if you do have your emotional scale to ask yourself first of all, is the one that you put on there on your emotional scale what would it take for me to move one up into my next emotion or what does it feel like to go deep into the gestalt of the one that I just posted here? So you have three minutes on the clock to just emote whatever that is to move yourself in your emotional scale to jump up and down whatever that is and get ready to take action because you showed up here which is already incredible and the end of August last last half of August so let’s make the most of it three minutes on the clock to emotional state etc Here we go.

All right, well, I am feeling very proud of myself. I did almost a three minute plank, so feeling very pleased. All right. Hopefully you are ready to get into it. We’re going to pivot to five minutes to update your grand to do thank you though, Manny. We’re gonna do that right away so that I can catch my breath. So five minutes on the clock review and confirm what you’re granted do if you don’t have one you can consider opening video I’ll pop it in here in school and starting to look at that so you can be set up to actually have your granted do here we go

Alright, so the way you want to feel when you’ve really rocked you’re reviewing and confirming is that there’s nothing else that you need to adjust and you’re ready to take action on the first to do on today’s top three, that it feels like it will be aligned action moving you toward hashtag Joumor flow when you complete it. Is that how everyone currently feels? Do you feel? I see some yeses No. I just want to take a post chest of these five minutes. I feel like it’s been a while for some of you to be here. Can you just put yes or no in the chat? Like do you feel ready to like bam, take action super clear on what you’re doing? No, yes, yes. Yes. Hell yes. No, trying to catch up in tech trouble. No. Okay. So we do have a mix here. So what I’m going to say is, we’ll just start with, we’ll ease on in with 15 minute work portion. If you’re not at that place where everything feels a bit spot, like ready to in Mary Poppins, like walk out the door, because everything’s in its place, kind of a thing. Get it all the way there get all the way to like, oh my gosh, this is so clear. I could work for six hours, it’s all laid out. Bam, I could work for one hour, come back to it and know exactly where I’m up to. We want to create that feeling. That is the preparation do not take action. I’m not there yet myself. By the way. Don’t take action until you’re there. It is the best it’s because it changes everything. When you try to take action when you’re not there, it’s so much more likely that it will not be aligned. Just FYI. So 15 minutes for this work portion. Get your grant to do into Spitz pottery. If it isn’t, and if it is just go ahead. Articulate verb plus noun, what action you are taking practice articulating scope, and here we go. So 15 minutes, continue reviewing and confirming or articulate and let’s begin

All right. Does everyone feel super clear? On their granted you and exactly what you’re working on? Do you feel? Crystal? Joumor? Clear? Yes. Excellent. Awesome. And I just want to say it is wonderful. Seeing everyone here, it’s really a treat for me to see so many of your beautiful faces and or names. Even if you’re not on screen, showing me that I saw that you said you do not feel clear. So did you watch the videos, either of the videos? You did watch the videos, okay. So anyway, what you can do until you don’t until you do feel clear, and like, really get the hang of it, because you are brand new. There’s just to write the things down and ask yourself for for each one like Is this likely how much is involved with it and just like get in the habit of really looking at the thing. And because your pace is, we want to go with our own paces. So the more preparation we do, the easier it is to do it our way. So just if you haven’t, if you’re not feeling motivated to do it digitally, you can always do it in a pen and paper, which I also do from time to time, it’s just a lot of work to bring it back and forth. So just on your I know you have notebooks Shamita. So a notebook. One, two or three things, maybe just one thing, write down the components and then get started prioritize like what is the first you know, and just nice and easy, easier way in but start taking action at this point on one thing and if you don’t know, you can just always do what we call a add search where you just kind of wander around and you’re like oh that’s out of place. Oh this I have to wash Oh, what’s that like thing? Let me fix that like that. You can also do that to start building momentum. We are going to pivot now that hopefully pretty much everyone is super clear. We’re going to do a 90 minute work portion to bring us to The break and so you think you’re granted you has gotten too detailed and remember on your only mature skating that today’s top three. So if it looks crazy for those, take those, you know pull it down into the rest of August and just do one at a time if each thing is such a huge project and then remove all the mature skiing when you bring it back down to August. I know we can want to hoard we’re like but I broke it down. Take it out, trust me, take it out. You only mature Jessica what you have for today because otherwise it becomes overwhelming 90 minutes on the clock to take action on the first grand to do item if you aren’t already verb plus noun if you haven’t articulated and if you’re just doing add search or you’re doing something else, articulate it. I promise you the difference between stating it and not stating it is huge. Here we go.

All right all right. Did you get to a five of what you were working on? Trying to get to a five well I asked you this of my next task four and three. Oh, hmm. Three no what’s happening

five okay, that Manny? You it was a bigger test and I really so there are many tentacles much more involved for but I picked a font to and five oh my goodness gracious. Okay. So I want to remind everyone, thank you oh, as always for your honesty here because this is okay. All right. Well, the key is to re articulate the scope. As you realize that there’s no way that you’re going to do it. That’s the replanning. That’s the course correction. So to be like, I’m not going to get this done. What I’m going to do is the blah, blah. But that’s very interesting, Tina, it’s seems like that 90 minute work portion was not well, for a couple of people that it worked. I’m almost tempted to stave off the break. Alright, let’s do note, we’re just gonna stick to the plan seemed like five minutes. All right, well, we’re gonna still stick to a three minute break. I did my three minute break. So I’m gonna keep doing my thing, which is outrageous, I know. But I took my break during that time. So three minutes to take a break, step away from the screen. And then what we’ll do is we’ll go in deep, outrageously with 29 minutes. So really use these three minutes to step away, get some water, l’chaim, do what you need to do. So that you can really come in and we’ll go deep and hopefully that will be plenty of time to handle everything that didn’t get finished, shockingly. Okay, so three minutes for a break, step away restroom, water, etc.

All right. How are you feeling? Young person? How are you feeling?

And you locate an emotion amused by my comment. I don’t know what comment that was. But I’m glad you were amused. You’re feeling heavy. Oh, young person. Well, if one thing is true, it’s that we are all getting younger. You didn’t break. You did a task. Well, Kitt, very honest with you to share irritable but determined, still determined. Yay, Fran. Okay, so we’re gonna have 29 minutes on the clock, I feel like things are a little clunky for some people. So just one thing at a time, make it small. Get it done, check it off. Just tried and true small check. Next. All right, let’s see what we can accomplish in these 29. And then we’ll go to our decluttering activities. And if you didn’t take a break, I love everyone’s Admissions here. Take the break now. So you can go in for we have 29 minutes on the clock so you can really focus but chose you didn’t want to break focus. So set yourself up to win to have a long work portion here. All right, 29 minutes on the clock, verb plus noun and just keep your scope smaller. So that you do just keep completing things. And if you’re like, there’s no way I can get this done even in 29 minutes, articulate the smaller first piece of the scope so you can get it done, if relevant to your project. All right, 29 minutes on the clock to uni task or to keep articulating each task. Here we go.

Oh right 29 minutes has passed. How are you feeling? I feel like people are really in the thick of it. How are you feeling? Can you scrounge up an emotion to share? I’m feeling motivated. You’re feeling all right. Yes. Yes. Yes. This seems to be at least from those who answered. Come into mesh. Exactly. Excellent. All right. Wonderful. Yay. All right, everyone. So we are going to pivot to millionaire minutes, I actually will be continuing, very empowered, all in caps, and on caps, proud of yourself. Congratulations, Jennifer, that this is why we do this. So we’re gonna have eight millionaire minutes. Now in my case, that means continuing to do what I’m doing because it’s sending a proposal to a client. However, if you were in the thick of it, and you’re not done with what you were doing, continue doing what you were doing until you complete it. So we’re going to pivot if you are in a position to pivot with one one, money oriented to do if you have any outstanding bills or invoices that need to be sent or proposals kind of a thing. Well, bills would be number one, direct starting with direct payments that need to happen. Number two is indirect. So something like a proposal or doing a post or sport brainstorming, something like that, so eight minutes on the clock for millionaire minutes. Feel free to share it in the chat what you will be doing and let’s take action

Right. I totally no need to apologize, Chris, welcome. All right, we are going to pivot to seven minutes of emails. If this is not relevant to you articulate what you’ll be doing. Instead, what I find is everything in Joumor Joumor principle, it’s the thing itself, and something else. So whatever it is you choose to focus on, you’ll always be interacting with other things, your own lack of clarity, your own desires, your own holes in your infrastructure, you’ll always be interacting pretty much with everything, not, not 100%. But mostly. So when I’m looking at my emails, I’m interacting with my business with things I’ve deleted things I want to do. So it doesn’t even really matter where you start. But that’s why we move around to places where clutter tends to build up because it’s different ways of getting into our own. Everything basically, so seven minutes on the clock for your emails. Remember that before you delete, take a moment to see if you want to unsubscribe from that sender. And if you do, you want to do a search and take a look at those emails in case you want to actually delete all of them because now you’re actually taking the time to look at them. So seven minutes on the clock for Team your email inbox. If this is not what you’ll be doing, share in the chat what you will be doing because it’s fun and you’ll be articulating and see where you get to seven minutes on the clock and if you want to share how many and read emails remembering that’s not all the emails you have, but if you feel like sharing unread feel free here we go

All right, we’re gonna pivot in an unusual way to two minutes. With 55, three minutes of gratitude slash evidence of all that you have done all that is working in your favor. All that you’ve accomplished, things that you’ve completed things that have come to you things you’ve received things that have happened. If you don’t want to do this, then don’t. But I’m going to be pivoting to capturing evidence in gratitude of all that I have done and all that I have received. Not that there’s not plenty more to do. If you feel free and at the thought of taking time away to do that, it means you still have a lot more to focus on. So use this time for that. Actually, we’ll just do it through the end. So we’ll have four minutes. So it’s either Player’s Choice, or capturing gratitude and evidence of all the things that are working and if you’re still in the middle of something, keep on going for minutes on the clock. Here we go.

Well thank you all for being here at CEO accountability, power hours. I am wishing you the profound clutter free connection, beginning with yourself and with all of those around you in a way that is more joyous and humorous and satisfying than you could ever imagine. Go forth. Be generous and hope to see all of you very soon. Bye, everyone.

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