New Year’s Resolutions: Take 2

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14:02:04 From danalawr@aol.com : Thrilling
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14:08:59 From danalawr@aol.com : Not us
14:09:21 From danalawr@aol.com : YESS
14:09:45 From Katie H. : Chicago
14:09:55 From Gina Caruso : Hello from Chester, NJ!
14:09:56 From danalawr@aol.com : Bronx ny
14:09:56 From Ayo Moore : NYC
14:09:59 From Barbara Cummings : Jacksonville, Oregon!
14:09:59 From Jaye ( she / her ) : NYC
14:10:00 From Tyler Rohm (they/them) : Chicago!
14:10:01 From danalawr@aol.com : Woohoo
14:10:03 From Leslie Lewis (she/her) : Lenapehoking aka nyc
14:10:05 From Donna : NYC
14:10:09 From kathleen’s iPad : Brooklyn ny
14:10:09 From Kathy Reboul : Mass near Boston
14:10:12 From Sharon : nyc
14:10:20 From Wendy Sax : NYC
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14:22:11 From danalawr@aol.com : 222
14:22:44 From Wendy Sax : Did you call it “pull” motivation versus “push?”
14:23:07 From danalawr@aol.com : Pull is what keeps us sustained
14:23:22 From Wendy Sax : Great. Thanks. Wasn’t sure I heard.
14:23:27 From danalawr@aol.com : Yes!!
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14:30:33 From danalawr@aol.com : I love you genius woman yes!
14:31:41 From danalawr@aol.com : ❤️✨🙏yes!
14:37:14 From Wendy Sax : felt good to get them out
14:37:15 From Donna : icky
14:37:18 From Tina Peacock : ouchy but expansive
14:37:21 From danalawr@aol.com : Release
14:37:28 From Jaye ( she / her ) : Oooooof, So many unfinished, abandoned ideas.
14:37:32 From Tyler Rohm (they/them) : it felt good to laugh at some that I used to really want
14:37:32 From Gina Caruso : Hard to get on paper but good to write it out!
14:37:33 From Ayo Moore : longing and living the past
14:37:43 From danalawr@aol.com : More space now
14:37:50 From Kathy Reboul : Interesting that ideas I am following up now are less upsetting.
14:37:52 From Jaye ( she / her ) : feels good to see them in one place.
14:38:00 From danalawr@aol.com : Yes!!
14:38:02 From Barbara Cummings : Everything i “coulda” done I didn’t because I refused to commit. Wow, what a revelation.
14:40:31 From Donna To Leah Fisch(privately) : This is so eerie Leah, I literally woke up this morning and went through the mental rolodex of people who hurt me, for no reason, out of nowhere, and had a good cry fest.
14:40:57 From Leah Fisch To Donna(privately) : omg- i added this part in TODAY
14:41:10 From Donna : EERIE. SO WEIRD!
14:41:15 From Leah Fisch To Donna(privately) : will you share this in the main chat?
14:41:25 From Donna To Leah Fisch(privately) :
This is so eerie Leah, I literally woke up this morning and went through the mental rolodex of people who hurt me, for no reason, out of nowhere, and had a good cry fest.
14:42:45 From Barbara Cummings : I feel like I hurt myself the most, however there are about 6 other people I can add to the list! Never really thought about this —
14:42:46 From Donna : This is so eerie Leah, I literally woke up this morning and went through the mental rolodex of people who hurt me, for no reason, out of nowhere, and had a good cry fest.
14:43:17 From Leah Fisch : @Barbara <3
14:43:23 From Leah Fisch : @Donna !!!
14:43:56 From danalawr@aol.com : ❤️
14:44:09 From Kathy Reboul : Horrible but effective.
14:44:11 From Wendy Sax : Felt useful to see it on the page
14:44:14 From danalawr@aol.com : Feel I’ve no attachment it feels gone
14:44:19 From Tina Peacock : no charge
14:44:20 From Leslie Lewis (she/her) : Sad
14:44:25 From Sharon : enlightening
14:44:26 From Tyler Rohm (they/them) : felt good to get it in one place
14:44:27 From Ayo Moore : I honored my child in her hurt feelings.
14:44:31 From Jaye ( she / her ) : 2 things: 99.9999999% of the people in my life support me. The hurt was about unclear boundaries or unintentional
14:44:36 From danalawr@aol.com : Loving us all
14:44:46 From Gina Caruso : As writing it it felt like it didn’t even happen, hurt is gone
14:44:48 From danalawr@aol.com : Me too Jaye
14:44:59 From danalawr@aol.com : Yay loves
14:44:59 From Tyler Rohm (they/them) : same Jaye
14:45:19 From danalawr@aol.com : Yay love it
14:47:18 From danalawr@aol.com : Goosebumps love this
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14:47:36 From danalawr@aol.com : Me too!!
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14:48:42 From danalawr@aol.com : What a gift you are!!
14:48:58 From danalawr@aol.com : Truth ❤️🙏✨
14:52:52 From Leslie Lewis (she/her) : I’ll need to leave at 2:59pm. Thank you. I love you! I’m sorry, please forgive me.
14:53:14 From Leah Fisch : 🙂 all good Leslie!
14:53:22 From Barbara Cummings : I know this practice, I learned it in Hawaii many years ago, I use it with clients, and I STILL didn’t think to use it for/on myself until after I did it with everyone else and thought I was done!
14:53:28 From Leslie Lewis (she/her) : ❤️❤️❤️❕❕❕
14:54:53 From danalawr@aol.com : Feel light spacious loving
14:54:55 From danalawr@aol.com : ❤️❤️❤️
14:54:56 From Tyler Rohm (they/them) : such a release
14:54:58 From Donna : That was powerful. Feeling: tender
14:55:01 From Barbara Cummings : Enlightened
14:55:02 From Leslie Lewis (she/her) : Soft and loving
14:55:05 From danalawr@aol.com : Connected
14:55:08 From Gina Caruso : What a release!
14:55:10 From danalawr@aol.com : Opened
14:55:14 From Ayo Moore : grounded in self love
14:55:15 From Jaye ( she / her ) : Expansive and soft
14:55:16 From Kathy Reboul : I needed to do 3 with a person and still not done.
14:55:17 From danalawr@aol.com : Melted open
14:55:18 From Wendy Sax : More gentle
14:55:23 From Kathy Reboul : 3 times
14:55:24 From danalawr@aol.com : Expansive soft
14:55:39 From danalawr@aol.com : Feel the infinite in us all
14:55:45 From danalawr@aol.com : And the divine we are one
14:55:53 From danalawr@aol.com : ❤️🌹❤️thank you!
14:56:11 From kathleen’s iPad : Pleasant
14:58:26 From danalawr@aol.com : Love!!
14:58:42 From danalawr@aol.com : Yes!!
15:12:13 From danalawr@aol.com : Dalai Lama
15:12:14 From Katie H. : It was you Leah 🙂
15:12:17 From danalawr@aol.com : That was profound
15:12:37 From Donna : Ha so true Leah
15:12:42 From Wendy Sax : I feel more self-accepting even of where I am now
15:12:49 From danalawr@aol.com : Tears
15:12:53 From danalawr@aol.com : Love you Leah
15:13:00 From danalawr@aol.com : You are an angel
15:13:05 From Kathy Reboul : I realize I am inspiring some people now.
15:13:20 From Ayo Moore : Bell Hooks my shero, she loved the way I do life.
15:13:25 From Jaye ( she / her ) : Joan of Arc: She said thank you for keeping the creative juices flowing and for inspiring young women.
15:13:33 From Jaye ( she / her ) : Love that ayo
15:13:44 From danalawr@aol.com : Love these shares chills
15:13:49 From Barbara Cummings : Maya Angelou popped right up. She commended me for living with love, laughter, commitment, and “dwelling in possibility”.
15:14:03 From danalawr@aol.com : Love!
15:15:07 From danalawr@aol.com : Thank you wow
15:15:10 From danalawr@aol.com : ❤️✨🙏
15:15:25 From danalawr@aol.com : So powerful Leah love
15:17:29 From danalawr@aol.com : I actually met the Dalai Lama once in NYC on a corner and I’ll never forget our Eue Conract and his smile and love
15:17:31 From danalawr@aol.com : Yes!
15:17:39 From Donna : Dana!
15:17:54 From Jaye ( she / her ) : Of course you ran into the Dalai Lama!!
15:18:08 From danalawr@aol.com : ❤️giggling love y’all
15:22:36 From danalawr@aol.com : Cool!!
15:22:40 From Kathy Reboul : cat in the hat
15:22:43 From Wendy Sax : Green eggs and ham
15:22:46 From Donna : green eggs and ham
15:22:54 From danalawr@aol.com : Awesome!!
15:23:21 From danalawr@aol.com : Love this
15:23:39 From Kathy Reboul : 18 days
15:23:48 From Donna : So true that a year timeline is so bland. Never realized that.
15:24:16 From danalawr@aol.com : So good!!
15:24:22 From danalawr@aol.com : Thank you!!
15:24:59 From Kathy Reboul : That is how I lost weight 5 lbs at a time. Bigger weight was too overwhelming
15:25:18 From danalawr@aol.com : Well done Kathy
15:26:32 From Kathy Reboul : Yes grow my business.
15:26:33 From Gina Caruso : Turning to the left
15:26:37 From Donna : Turning right
15:26:41 From danalawr@aol.com : Leaning forward
15:26:53 From Donna : right
15:27:03 From Donna : Also my ribs are naturally tilted right, so…
15:27:05 From Donna : 🙂
15:27:42 From Gina Caruso : Yes!!! Going forward! LOL
15:27:43 From Donna : Wow totally different. Forward
15:27:47 From Wendy Sax : Yes!
15:27:52 From danalawr@aol.com : Forward Abd tingling all over
15:27:55 From Barbara Cummings : forward and want to hug myself
15:28:22 From danalawr@aol.com : Yay Barbara
15:28:29 From Wendy Sax : Left is supposed to be toward our future self…yes?
15:28:52 From Wendy Sax : Ah, thank you
15:28:58 From Barbara Cummings : I got very relaxed to the right when thinking about biz
15:29:03 From danalawr@aol.com : Love that!
15:29:04 From Tina Peacock : I will try again alone. I’m actually feeling everyone’s energy
15:29:40 From danalawr@aol.com : Thank you!!
15:36:16 From danalawr@aol.com : Been divine!!
15:36:44 From danalawr@aol.com : Hahaha
15:37:13 From danalawr@aol.com : Giggling now I want pickles
15:37:51 From Kathy Reboul : like Marie Kondo say throw out what doesn’t spark joy . . . . bills, etc.
15:47:24 From Katie H. : Walk 6 days per week, even if it snows on the 606 here in Chicago. Would be a total of 2.25 miles each day. One day of rest.
15:51:36 From Gina Caruso : Yes, makes me want more!
15:51:37 From Ayo Moore : yes
15:52:06 From danalawr@aol.com : Yes!! Thank you!
15:52:29 From Katie H. To 3:17 BREAK(privately) : Have to run to another zoom meeting in 5 minutes but this was super dooper informative! See you soon on PL
15:52:50 From danalawr@aol.com : My dog needs walking!
15:53:03 From danalawr@aol.com : ❤️love this!!
15:53:10 From danalawr@aol.com : So grateftl I’m here
15:53:35 From danalawr@aol.com : He’s Playing with me!!
15:58:00 From Jaye ( she / her ) : Gotta go.
15:58:01 From Tyler Rohm (they/them) : i can stay
15:58:01 From Wendy Sax : I need to go, apologes
15:58:03 From Sharon : can stay
15:58:05 From Gina Caruso : Need to go soon
15:58:11 From Donna : can stay for a few longer
15:58:15 From Barbara Cummings : I need to go
15:58:17 From Kathy Reboul : can stay
16:01:39 From Jaye ( she / her ) : Thank you all!!!!
16:02:59 From Wendy Sax : This was excellent Leah. Thank you!!!
16:03:04 From Gina Caruso : This was amazing and so much fun!
16:03:06 From danalawr@aol.com : This was exquisite thank you all!
16:03:08 From Tyler Rohm (they/them) : This was amazing Leah!!! Thank you!
16:03:12 From danalawr@aol.com : I feel so clear!
16:03:25 From Sharon : Amazing! Thank you!
16:03:25 From danalawr@aol.com : And inspired and grateful
16:03:32 From Kathy Reboul : I feel inspired to take action.
16:03:38 From Tyler Rohm (they/them) : I feel very confident in getting things done from my list now
16:03:39 From danalawr@aol.com : Grateful to continue this year with you!
16:03:45 From Wendy Sax : Most useful, was going inward first to create self-acceptance before setting goals…entirely different process You’re opening “talk” could be a TED TALK!
16:03:53 From Ayo Moore : more relaxed about my goals. DOABLE
16:04:12 From danalawr@aol.com : Loved our future self
16:04:17 From Wendy Sax : Bye everyone.
16:04:18 From Tyler Rohm (they/them) : Most useful: The forgiveness of self and asking those who hurt us for forgiveness… so powerful.
16:04:18 From danalawr@aol.com : That was epic
16:04:18 From Donna : releasing emotional clutter from the list of people
16:04:22 From Gina Caruso : The 30 day to do list. Perfect and attainable. Loved narrowing the time down
16:04:22 From danalawr@aol.com : Thank you!!
16:04:28 From Barbara Cummings : Thank you — why did it take me so long to realize how much I resist “commitment”?!? It feels liberating instead of confining.
16:04:52 From Kathy Reboul : How thinking of super specific tasks inspires me. How thinking of different size goals brings about my creativity.
16:05:03 From danalawr@aol.com : Gorgeous all! Resonating
16:05:29 From Barbara Cummings : Gotta’ go — thank you so much – sending lots of love🥰
16:05:42 From Donna : While I knew my goal, I feel like I have more clarity of WHY and WHAT that will lead to… AND cleared some past clutter around it. So I cleared up a little clutter around past/present connected to that goal.
16:06:07 From danalawr@aol.com : Amazing us!! Chills!!
16:06:27 From danalawr@aol.com : Gorgeous Donna and all!
16:06:32 From danalawr@aol.com : Woohoo!!!
16:11:40 From danalawr@aol.com : Thank you!!! I love you amazing Leah!!
16:11:42 From Gina Caruso : I have to drop off, thank you Leah!
16:11:43 From danalawr@aol.com : ❤️❤️❤️
16:11:59 From danalawr@aol.com : You’re the best!
16:12:16 From danalawr@aol.com : Thank you!! Amazing!
16:12:56 From 3:17 BREAK : https://calendly.com/leah-fisch/business-clarity
16:13:19 From 3:17 BREAK : leah@ceorise.com
16:13:29 From Donna : Thanks Leah!



welcome every buddy, welcome. It is wonderful to see all of you and those of you on video Gina Wendy, Sharon, Kathleen, Dana. I go hello hello to everyone I’m so thrilled that y’all are here today very happy to see each of you. We’re going to play my funeral song. This is the most amazing song that I love those of you in productivity lab know that

this is a very special song to me. So use this minute use these couple of minutes to

to do what you need to do, which you meant to do before coming here.

And you’re like No, it’s fine. I want to be on time so whatever that was, maybe you need to use the restroom maybe you need to grab a glass of water we want to have plenty of hydration during our class

if you don’t have your pen and paper grab that welcome Donna and Tina and Tyler who didn’t Barbara love the look

so use this we’re just gonna have a couple minutes welcome Jay to get get in the vibe and then we’re going to jump in so use this just couple of minutes as we like to use to call it welcome Katie ready not ready you’re hearing you’re ready but then your thirst that one little part of you that’s not totally ready maybe you mute and you use these two minutes to just like meditate and get totally fully present whatever you want these two minutes for you they are for you and enjoy all 125 seconds of them hold on a second that is on the wrong thing.

Yes enjoy them and we will be starting into


To see

the screen

So welcome again to all of you all of you that are here and all of you that are on the recording who are watching on the replay who are not able to be here live with us today. I’m so happy and grateful and honoured that you chose to take this time to be with all of us today to talk about New Year’s resolutions.

So as you may or may not have seen in the email, I so this has always been an intensive afford

Our class and I was like, I am going to do it in 90 minutes. And then I woke up at 330 in the morning, if you saw my Facebook post, and even if you didn’t,

with all of these inspirations and had to redo the class, so I’m doing going to do my best to keep it to two hours. If you have to jump off, no worries, you will have access for 30 days.

So, welcome to New Year’s resolution take two, we are here to shatter our own glass ceilings of what we believe is possible for ourselves and for resolutions.

Here is how our time together will go. We’re going to be getting clarity all throughout the session. That’s really the foundation of the work that I teach is coming back to allowing clarity, as I like to say to reveal herself, so we’re going to be doing that quite a bit. We’re going to break down some misconceptions that blocked most people. When it comes to setting goals when it comes to achieving goals when it comes to sticking with their goals. We’re going to actually be setting your goal, Ziff,

we will be participating in breakout room chats. And what I’m going to be doing is putting three people in there so that if you’re someone who doesn’t feel comfortable sharing in a breakout room chat, you can just come back and hang with me and wait until that portion is over, we will actually be taking action. And I’m going to be sharing at the end a brand new offer that not even my most devoted clients know about. Because again, it’s been part of the inspiration that has been boiling and boiling and brewing. So I will be sharing that at the very end. Dennis, it is amazing. Thank you. So let us begin. Why take two

as in that. Take two, right? Well, we want to take another look at New Year’s resolutions and the results that are actually possible if you’re not in the 92% of people who give up as of yesterday. And that’s why I always have this class today, January 19, in honour of the 92 people 92% of people who have given up statistically as of yesterday, which is pretty incredible to imagine.

And so the reason I have this hilarious photo of this dog which just cracks me up is because we the 8% are here to exactly not us we are here to to be devoted to our New Year’s resolutions to ourselves to our results. And the way that we’re going to be doing that here is we’re going to be disgustingly shaking off all of the sludge of the Galop Enos that has piled itself upon new year’s resolutions and we’re gonna be looking at the science and the How to and also the philosophy that I teach him how we can really create results

so before we go any further just so we get to hear from each other let us know in the chat bar where in the world are you it’s always fun to know sometimes people are right next door and you can actually meet someone you met in a zoom class. Katie is in Chicago

if you’re willing to share tell us all Chester New Jersey Bronx New York New York City Jacksonville Oregon. New York City Chicago Booth to Chicago’s to New York City’s

a Napa booking aka NYC three bunch of NYC Brooklyn Massachusetts near Boston. Oh sharing your back in New York City. Awesome. All right. Well, we really have New York represent but I love that we have to dang we are New York City rocking over here and I love that we have some other balance as well.

So awesome. A little bit about myself. For those of you who do not know. Of course my name is Leah Fisch pronounced like the princess. I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was four years old when I started my first GM store. And I was immediately met with doubt and criticism by my one of my older sisters. I’ve been iterating my current business since 2002. When I began as a professional organiser, I am a Capricorn I’m a D on the disk scale, if you’re familiar with that, and 2021 was my highest grossing years so there’s literally never been a better time for me to teach this class. January is traditionally my best month since that’s where my birthday is. And also 2021 was my highest grossing year. So I’ll be talking more about the philosophy that I teach and what this has to do with you

and your goals. But you can see this adorable photo of my family. That’s my husband, Harold, my older son Diego and my younger son say best yet.

So the way that I was able to accomplish what it is that I have accomplished was that my business actually kind of hit a point where I was very depressed and on the verge of giving everything up. And instead of giving everything up, I chose to remove what doesn’t belong ces 2021, but it really should say 2022. Okay, so I, I basically went through and organise the heck out of my life. And at the same time that I was doing it, I was also, this was in 2015, I was letting go of all of the things

that that didn’t belong also emotionally and energetically. I was at a point of if I was like, well, if I’m willing to give everything up, I might as well leave things nice and tidy behind me. And it was through that process of removing what doesn’t belong, that I was able to actually allow myself to receive in a position to magnetise all of the things that I had ever wanted, which really was boring man and a family. So we want to kind of follow the process, hopefully without the massive depression, but get at the higher point in the learning curve, and start with just straight up removing what doesn’t belong, so that we can set you up to to receive all of the things that you do want.

Oops, hold on. Okay. All right. So I’m gonna share a bit of a horrifying story with you. But don’t worry, it won’t be too gruesome. But it’s pretty, pretty interesting. And I learned about this from Mark Manson, the writer.

So the Navy Seals have a process called drown proofing. And that’s where they take new Navy skills, and they bind their hands and legs, and they drop them into the water.

And it is as horrifying as it sounds. And people unfortunately, have actually died in this process. But what they found in this drown proofing was that you know, we have a natural drive to, to survive. And so people would, you know, and some people, obviously, if people are becoming a Navy Seal, there’s a good chance that they’re a good swimmer, that kind of thing. And all of those skills for survival actually worked against them. Now, you may or may not be familiar with the law of diminishing returns, which is that, you know, we think of it being a,

a linear relationship between results and effort, right, the more effort the more results. But that’s actually not true. There’s something called the law of diminishing returns, which is that we get to a point where our efforts,

stop bringing in more results. And arguably, we get to a point where our efforts actually start impeding the results due to the Expectancy Theory, which we’ll be talking about later. But the idea overall, is that our efforts, and our results are not necessarily a one to one ratio. And so what they found in this drown proofing experiment was that the more that people struggled, right, they put effort to save themselves, the worst result they had, the more they were likely to actually become unconscious, or as I said, in some horrible cases die.

The people who survived actually unharmed, by the experience, were the people who, who were able to go against their survival instincts and let themselves gently fall all the way to the bottom of the pool or the ocean where they were. And that allowed them because they were not struggling to gently tap the bottom and come back up and get air. When their body was using all of their oxygen to try to save themselves. It had a negative result, even though they were driven by survival. So what does this mean for us?

It means when I stopped struggling, I float it is the law. So, so much of what we want to be thinking about in New Year’s resolution is the contrary to what most people think, and most people set resolutions. And the reason that they fail is because they are setting themselves up to be struggling. They’re setting themselves up to be focused on being other than they are. And what we know is that when we try to be other than what then we are, that is a struggle. And so it’s going to have actually negative results and we can certainly create some results. But eventually we will pay the price when we’re coming from a place of trying to be other than we are. And so what we’re going to be talking about today is how can we create resolutions that are about who and how we are

Now, and that’s how we can float.

So I personally believe that we do have a Dharma, which is basically the thing that we came here to this planet to do. Whatever it is, you believe whether you believe that kind of spiritually or practically you have certain skills, I believe there’s something inside of us whether we know it or not, that drives us that that is unique to us, that is special to us. And that when we bring that out into the world, we truly are in a position to make the world a better place. And so all of the work that I’m teaching in CEO rise my business and in Joumor, my productivity philosophy is to help you unblock the boundaries that have limited, you live in your Dharma to make the world a better place.

So everything has an outcome, whether you mean, the goal or the outcome that you’d like to achieve at the beginning or not everything has an outcome. When you set out to brush your teeth, you may not say I want to brush my teeth, so they’re clean, I want to brush my teeth, so I don’t have to get fillings at the dentist. I want to give myself a sparkly, delightful smile that makes myself and others happy every time we see each other, you may or may not articulate any outcome that you desire. But there is a mini project plan. When you go to brush your teeth. There’s the components of it. And there’s the outcome. And so what we want to do is we want to become increasingly aware of the bigger goals and the smaller goals and take the time to articulate them. Because this is what most people do, don’t do. Most people do not take the time to articulate what it is that they’re trying to create. And the more in line that we can be with our Dharma or what our our desire our drive is to do in this world, the more we articulate it, the better we’re able to actually achieve it.

So some notes, goals that are too big, can make you give up. Now there is something called a point of no return. And some of you know that I personally just signed up for a six figure coaching programme with my coach, in addition to three other programmes that I’m in, because I really, really, really wanted to get to that point of no return. And this is something in productivity, that can work. It can also terrify people. So it really depends on your nervous system. But I heard a great story of the 17 year olds who had ordered, they all about 10 of them Pooled Money to order 10,000 pairs of sneakers, and they were going to sell the sneakers and they were like, Yeah, we’re gonna do this, they took all their money. And the guy was saying, when actually the truck came and delivered 10,000 pairs of sneakers, they were like,

I guess we have to do this. Like even in the goal of it, they weren’t even really on board the level that they became when they got to that point of no return, which was 10,000 pairs of sneakers on the front lawn. So if you’re someone where that can actually drive you, if that works for your nervous system, that can be great. However, it may not work that may be too extreme for you. And that’s something that you have to find with yourself. But what we do know is that if your goal is too small, you’re setting yourself up for to be unsatisfying, which means you’ll be bored, which means you will lose motivation and give up. So Laura hills, Dr. Laura Hills created the term Goldilocks goals that it should be hard enough and soft enough, it should be just right. So just right to me means in alignment with your nervous system. Those are the kind of goals that you want to create to to be edgy, but not make you so sick that you you know, can’t even do anything about it.

Now self care is on the rise like never before you can you can barely do anything on social media without seeing things about self care. Why? Why is self care such a big deal nowadays? Because why does it take 16 touch points if you’re a business owner to for marketing when it used to take three, three spots in in, you know, in a half hour long, commercial, hyper long show that you’d see the same commercial three times. Now we need to see it 16 times. Why because there’s so much noise. And so in terms of finding ourselves inside of all of this, it becomes something where we need to actually pull out and go to the what I call the Ricochet effect. We have to totally disconnect, go to the other side, take a break come back like this. It’s more and more overwhelming. But there’s another way to do it. That is much, much better. And that’s what we’re going to hopefully be setting you up for today. So setting goals well means very importantly,

that you are excited to be alive, you feel that you’re connected to something. And the more that you’re connected to what I was talking about with your dharma, the more natural motivation you have this is called pull motivation. Instead of push motivation pushes when you’re forcing yourself, you’re like, dragging yourself out of bed. Gotta do it, gotta do it. And that’s exactly what leads to burnout. Pull motivation means you’re in alignment with whatever you want to call it, your, your, your dharma, your purpose, your mission. And you have a natural motivation of pull motivation that you feel, yes, it’s easy, I want to do these things, including things like paying taxes, including things like organising your home, really spending time with your calendar. All of these are, are things that people can avoid when they don’t feel connected to what’s important to them. So the more aligned you are with what’s important to you, the easier it becomes to do the two dues to support you to get where you want to go. So importantly, to notice there’s a good dynamic between growth and consistency. And this is where, again, a lot of people fall down. And this is why people put go all in up until the 18th of January, they’re like, I can do this. And then by the 18th, right, not even three weeks in, they’re burnt out why because the dynamic of growth and consistency is not working for them. And that’s something when I talk about your nervous system, that you have to be aware of what enough of the push and what’s enough of a break, to actually work for you that you leave a little bit to be desired, you leave yourself wanting more of yourself. And that’s what you need to figure out for yourself to set yourself up to win with a resolution slash goals that you choose.

Really, really, really, really, really important. Results require rest, did you know that babies only grow when they are sleeping, or people only grow when they are sleeping? Right. So if you don’t give yourself the opportunity to rest, you’re setting yourself up to not have growth. So I’m going to close the chapters because I will get very distracted. Um, so results require rest. And this is what again, people don’t do it, they don’t roll in the rest are required so that you can be constantly expanding, people talk all the time about expansion and contraction. Well guess what? The more rest that you roll into your growth as it is happening, the less time you need in this ricochet effect of contraction. So you can actually be in growth. Without contracting, you notice that babies do not contract in their growth, they’re always growing until they stop growing. But there’s no contraction, it’s just that there are pauses in the growth. So we want to set ourselves up that we can actually handle the growth. And that means allowing our nervous systems to respond to the growth that we are creating, expand into that and be able to handle more

successful resolutions are about growth, as we’ve been talking about and about self acceptance. And this is what I’m talking about when people create resolutions that are actually the opposite of who they are. So anything you’ll read about talks about self acceptance, but what does that mean, if you believe in the law of attraction, the law of attraction is about setting up your frequency, who and how you are right now, to attract here, what a lot of people think about is, well, when I lose 80 pounds, then blah, blah, right. And so we want to think about like given how I am now, here’s the ways that this is going to get even even better, even better and even better.

As I move forward, as I move forward, not as I become someone totally different. But what is inevitable is that change will happen. So you can already count on it, that you will become different. But you won’t become the person that you want to be with the the skills and habits that you want to have if you don’t create the self acceptance. Now, here as you are. And so a lot of and we talk about this a lot in my Joumor philosophy

is that the greatest clutter is self judgement. This creates a tremendous block between yourself and yourself. And so the way that this is you interface with the world, from a place of non self acceptance, frankly is very inefficient because of all the struggle that is created. So when you think about creating a six

cessful resolution, a New Year’s resolution, a new life resolution, whatever you want to call it

has to come from a place of acceptance. Even if you don’t like it, got to find a way to be like, You know what,

and find the ways that you can accept it knowing that the growth will come from there.

We are here as I like to call it to, to change the way that productivity to reclaim the word productivity to do things differently. I believe that we’ve been living under a construct of patriarchal productivity. And that means looking outside ourselves for what is right, what is appropriate, what is successful when it comes to productivity? Well, humans are productive by nature, we’re animals, we, we hunt, and gather, maybe not in the ways that we used to, but that’s still in our blood, and we are born to be productive. So whether it’s working or making art, or having children or whatever, producing and doing and, and being productive in that way, it’s something that is innate to us. It is our birthright. So what we want to do is we want to flip this switch of looking externally of other people telling us what isn’t is not acceptable and valuable, and turn inward to what I call Gestalt productivity. And Gestalt is the idea in psychology, that the sum the synergy, the sum is greater than the, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. So all the parts of you contribute to synergy to more than the sum. And that’s why we have to include all parts of ourselves. And this is what I did when I stumbled onto the philosophy of Joumor. And back in 2015, and that was really where I turned a corner for myself and for my business. Because like it or not, I had to include all parts of myself, I couldn’t get away from myself. And it was when I unhappily, had to deal with all the parts of myself that everything was on the other side of that. So when we think about setting resolutions for yourself, and again, whether it’s for this year, or for the rest of your life, that that isn’t really the point, the journey of it is including yourself, who and how you are now and knowing that that is what you’re committing to loving and accepting and growing over time.

Commitment is the most powerful thing you can do. And when people talk about resolutions, they forget the commitment part. This is the part that they don’t take seriously. And I love to use the example of the Rolling Stones, The the single longest performing band that ever was, and he chose their band over all things over themselves over their families,

over their own health at times, the Rolling Stones showed the possibility and the wild success available when you commit, and you do not go back on that commitment. So when you think about a New Year’s resolution, don’t choose something that you’re maybe about to something that feels like a point of no return, that you’re like, Wow, this, I am going to commit to this. And I am not going to stop committing to it. But it’s inside of that poem motivation. But if you can’t feel the commitment, like as if you’re marrying, truly marrying, like, you’re not going to get divorced, like you’re truly forever marrying this commitment. Don’t this resolution don’t choose it. Right? If you have those doubts of like, well, I mean, I can always, that’s not the right thing, change it. Because when you nail it, of what it actually is the right thing, you’re gonna feel that surge of pull motivation, you’re gonna be like, Okay,

I can do this, I’m gonna do this. Yes.

Remember, all is possible.

All is possible. There are countless millions and bajillions of stories of miracles of people doing the unthinkable of doing things that you know, everyone said was not possible of things that they never thought that they could do, whether it was walk again, or build a business or get clean water in a village. There’s innumerable examples of all being possible. And the question is, how much are you committed to believe to the belief that all is possible? And again, when you were gonna hone in on what your resolution or goals are, you want to think to yourself, Is this something I really do believe is possible? If you don’t even believe it’s possible? It’s probably not something that you’re going to commit to. And of course, that’s very much a mindset thing. And yes, we can step into things over time. But for now, we want As Napoleon Hill said,

What men can achieve what the mind can Sorry, what the mind can conceive man can achieve. So if you can fathom it actually being possible, you’re gonna have a lot more success at your fingertips as you feel driven to create that.

So we talked about removing what doesn’t belong, we’re just going to check the chat because I see that there’s more things that okay, all right.

We talked about removing what doesn’t belong. So what we’re going to do is you’re going to pull out your pen and paper, and what holds people back over and over and over again, year after year.

Or we talked about this concept of self judgement being the greatest clutter, the Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda. So coulda, woulda, shoulda done this, or that by this point, right? By this point in my life by this point in my business, by this point in my relationship, coulda, woulda, shoulda. So what I want you to do, and for those who are not familiar with Joumor, we do everything. Joumor is the productivity philosophy that I teach, we do everything in a timed fashion. Because

we know it will end. So it gives us that kind of pressure in a good way that we’re going to do this by this time. And that starts to build, build the muscle, build the skill of giving ourselves a period of time to do something and actually doing it. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to have three minutes on the clock, you’re going to grab your pen and paper, and you’re going to write your COULDA, WOULDA should a list that coulda woulda showed us, of all the things like I said, By this time in your life by this time in your business, whatever. Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda. So whatever comes to mind, and if you finish before the three minutes if you really can’t think of anything else that you tend to judge yourself of like Yeah, and if I had done this, I could have done that and etc. Then you can use this time to do whatever you want. Use the restroom, grab a glass of water, meditate. But don’t do any work. Just be with yourself. Could it would a shut up or neutral silence. All right, we’re gonna have three minutes on the clock. Let’s create those lists right now.

All right. So feel free to pop in the chat bar. How? How it felt writing this list and no, it can be

kind of devastating to look at all the things but it can also feel good to kind of get them out. So how did that go for people?

Oh, good to get them out. Icky.

Perfect. Perfect spectrum right there. Ouchie but expansive release.


oof, so many unfinished abandoned ideas. I feel Yeah.

Tyler It felt good to laugh at some that I used to really want to, you know, hard to get on paper but good to write it out. Longing and living the past more space now. Awesome. All right, we’re gonna do one more thing along these lines. Interesting that ideas and following up now or less upsetting? Yeah, Kathy hashtag Joumor. Cathy’s been a client for a while. Feels good to see them in one place. Totally, totally. And everything I could have done. I didn’t because I refuse to commit. Wow, what a revelation. Yes, yes, yes.

Thank you all so much for sharing, that we’re gonna move into one more thing. And before we

go, this is all part of it. So the next thing is that you’re going to write a list of people who you feel hurt you. And I’ll share that I used to have my clients do this many years ago in my work, and I kind of moved away from it. But what I learned recently was that you can do it without going into, I felt like we needed a long time to deal with this. And actually just writing the list and what we’re going to do right after this.

We can move through it quickly. So if it feels too uncomfortable, don’t do it. But if you’re up for it, what I did for myself, I found I’ve experimented everything I’m you know, like that if you’ve ever seen the

the hair commercials, what were those called?

The hair, I can’t think of it. But anyway. And at the end, they were like a navies and he was like an I am a member myself, the President would say. So I have done I have done all of these things myself many times. And I’m bringing to you the things that I have found work the best. So what I found for myself was it actually was still very painful for me to write people’s names. So I would just write the initials of them.

Even in doing the exercise, I found that I was able to move through it, I would just write the first letter of their name. But you can do it however you want. And you don’t you’re not explaining anything, you’re kind of just kind of as I like to say we do boarding through the people that you know. And just writing if there was anything that felt painful, hurtful, and mean whatever you perceived it in such a way that it hurt you you’re just going to write down their name or the first initial of their name. So I’m going to give you again three minutes to do that and you’ll see what you come up with. Here we go

All right well Donna That is insane not insane but a collective unconscious strikes again and Barbara you’re right on the right on the money for recognising your own part in it.

So we are going to do one more thing but Does anyone else want to share in the chat how that was for you to write this list

compared to the could have would have should have list how did this one feel writing it?

Horrible but effective. Felt useful to see it on the page says Wendy.

Dana says feel like no attachment and feels gone. Tina no charge. Lesley sad.

Enlightening felt good to get it in one place. I honoured my child and her hurt feelings

to things. Almost.

I can’t even read that number 99.9% of the people in my life support me. The Hurt was about unclear boundaries or unintentional look at these speced specifics coming through Gina as writing and it felt like it didn’t even happen hurt is gone. Wow. This is incredible. Beautiful. Awesome. And so what we’re going to move to some of you are probably familiar with this, there seems to be some issue. There we go. This is a traditional way in forgiveness practice, which I learned about as always in a very difficult time in my life. And I learned about it actually not through. Although I have a number of people, friends who are either Hawaiian or spend a lot of time in Hawaii, I actually learned about it mystery about a doctor with a mental health and actually a psych ward. And they were asking this doctor if he would come and treat the patients and he said, like I’m overloaded, I will not come treat the patient. But what I will do is I’ll take each of their files. And this doctor took each of the patients files in the psych ward and the psych hospital was I don’t remember the details of it if you really want to know I can find them. But it was this horrible place to work like the people were attacking the, you know, the nurses and the doctors. There was a tremendous amount of turnover like it was a really violent, dangerous, grief filled place. And this doctor took each of the files of all of the patients in this psych hospital and he sat with each of their files and he went through and he did

The opponent Bono, which is simply holding the person’s, you know, meme or spirit in his mind, in his heart, and saying in this order, but the order apparently can be all mixed up. This is the order I learned it. I’m sorry, I love you. Please forgive me, thank you.

And overtime, it wasn’t a very long period of time, it was like a month or two months, the entire hospital and it’s a real story. It’s not just like a an urban legend. The entire hospital changed and the attacks on the workers stopped. People stopped quitting like it totally won at degreed, this psych hospital. And so this wasn’t even, you know, in person, he wasn’t treating the patients, this was something truly energetic that transformed the entire experience of people’s minds and their place of work. So

I do believe in this. And this is something that I have used ever since I learned that story in 2015. Also,

I’ve used it to go through on a very regular basis

with my list of people whatever’s going on, and to say this, and what’s very important, as you go through a new hold up person in your mind, remember that you were also right there with that person. So if you’re doing Person A, it’s a and you

and its Person B or you do a and then you write, but what I like to do is do it as you know, because it takes two to tango. And

for each person’s name, I hold them and I hold myself and I say it. And even that experience of grouping us in the homophone of Oh no, I feel togetherness with that person as I go through the forgiveness of them and me and the entire experience. So we’re actually going to take five minutes for this which for some of you may feel wrong, of course, many of you have already released the hurt. So again, as all of the exercises that we do, if you get to a point where it doesn’t like you really do feel complete.

Thank you for saying that Dina, if you really do feel complete, you can simply close that exercise, get water use restroom or just meditate. So we’re gonna have five minutes on the clock to do the whole pono pono with with each person and what I recommend doing is you do it until what I always find for myself when I do this is I feel tight in the chest when I think of the person’s name and then I do it I do it I do it and then I often find that I’m like

and that’s where my body is physically releasing the pain of the how I feel about that person so you can do it once you can do it as many times as you need whatever works for you during these five minutes use it for your own healing and forgiveness and making space by removing what doesn’t belong five minutes on the clock work on upon upon with your list. Here we go.

All right Barbara, I love that love your these revelations that you are having. So how are people feeling? How are you feeling? Now?

Give us an emotion in the chat bar or anything that you want to share from that experience.

Light spacious, loving,

such a release that was powerful feeling tender, enlightened, soft and loving, connected.

Whatever release opened

Yes, grounded in yourself love expansive and soft. I need to do three with a person and still not done. I totally hear that. Melted open, more gentle, expensive and soft yet and so, you know, I always love this story. I often tell the story of the of this important Rabbi this Lubavitcher rabbit, who someone invited him to morning prayers, and he said, What time does it start? And he said, Oh, you know, 7705 and the Lubavitcher Rebbe said well which is it? Because a lot can be done in five minutes. And we just spent five minutes Hone upon oppo knowing and look at the beautiful you know all all of the feelings that you’re having from doing this from actually focusing on people who were you felt hurt and the experience and you’re feeling love and tenderness and gentle

softness and connected to self love. So truly a lot can be done in five minutes.


this has been sort of a big part even though we’ve gone through pretty quickly. A big part of removing

It doesn’t belong. And so the idea is that we want now to move back into what I like to call factory instal. So that’s when your phone like isn’t working, because it has all of these applications and the software and this software, right, and you have to like, totally reset, you have to go back to back to the factory in Salt Lake Erie, you know, that the settings that it came with. And so the way I think of, of how we were created, like when we came into this world, by nature of being a mammal, we had complete faith in being loved and having our needs met, that if we cried if we needed to sleep,

if we got scared, we had complete belief that our needs would be met, and that we would be met always with love. And we had no doubt in that. And we we behave shamelessly before all of the other things happened. This was how we were in the world at the beginning. And so we want to remove what doesn’t belong of, you know, hurts and griefs and resentments. And also those judgments for ourselves that could have would have showed us and be like, You know what, like, I want to return to a place of faith in myself, I want to return to a place of faith in the world. And it doesn’t mean that this will protect us from ever having anything happened to us, God forbid. But what it does mean is that we can move forward from this place, again, have faith in ourselves about a place of much more wholeness. And that’s the kind of place that we want to create our resolutions from.

Everything that we do in the philosophy Joumor that I teach is about achieving the magical through the practical. So we’re looking at very practical tasks for looking at practical projects we’re looking at to dues, we’re looking at goals and desires. And we understand that for those of us who don’t go directly for the magic, the magic will happen as we focus on the practical as we focus on being an integrity, what it with what it is that we need to do, I

want to tell you a story I learned recently about this guy. So this guy was in when he was a YouTuber. And when he was 14 until 17, he was doing YouTube videos and having very little success with it. And so what he did was he created

video, which actually, there’s a lot of science about this, I don’t know if he knew it or not. And he created four videos, he created four videos, one for the future six months self of his one for one year, one for five years, and one for 10 years. And he made these videos to be automatically published in the six months, the one year, the five years and the 10 years. So when he was doing the one year video, he had, like he really didn’t have any subscribers and you said

when and or when he was doing the five year video sorry, when he was doing the five year video, he said, I better have a million subscribers by the time this video comes out. Well turns out that by the time this video came out, he had gone from becoming from being a high school student with with nothing really to being Mr. Beast. And at the point that he said I better have 1 million subscribers he had 45 million subscribers. So fast forward to today, he now has 88 point 4 million subscribers. He’s become a philanthropist. He’s one of the biggest guys on YouTube. And this all this turning point for him started when he employed the science of the future self which was talked about by Hal hershfield I think is the guy who totally like sort of publicised it at of trying to remember where he is like yell or something like that. And so the idea of it is that we can connect to ourselves. But if we think of ourselves, you know, 20 years from now, or 50 years from now, it’s very hypothetical, but doing it in much closer with 10 years being the cat but six months, one year, five years, 10 years, we can actually connect to ourselves hypothetically. So what we’re going to do

is we’re going to do the same thing as Mr. Beast and see what kind of results we’re going to accomplish for ourselves. So what we’re gonna do is you’re gonna take a minute and I want you to imagine you can close your eyes for a moment just kind of walk you through this that you are entering

This awesome place, like it could be a farmers market like a standard, a farmer’s market, it could be like an awesome restaurant that you love, it could be a city that you love, you’re walking right along the Eiffel Tower, whatever it is. So take a moment to feel like where is this place that you are entering.

And what are you going to do there are you going to take a walk, maybe you’re going to take a walk along the Cen, maybe you’re going to sit down and have a fantastic cup of coffee or tea,

whatever it is that you’re going to choose to do, maybe you’re going to walk in a forest, and maybe you’re going to swim in the ocean, whatever it is that you’re going to do get that in your mind.

And as you go, as you approach the place, you see that someone is waiting there for you.

And you’re going to come close to that person, and you’re gonna see that that person is you.

And that person is you in six months from now.

So y’all are gonna take a moment to do the activity.

And you’re going to,

you’re going to walk you’re going to be together, you’re going to feel each other.

And the future you what is the future you have to say? So if we think about six months from now, we’re talking about July 19.

So take a moment to to really see the experience for yourself.

And what does this July 19 person you have to say to you about the last six months?

You’re already on the other side? Six months from now, what have you accomplished How do you feel? What wisdom do you have to impart take a moment to write it down

so you’re gonna think,

your future you at six months.

And you’re going to continue on your next on your on your journey to your next location. So it’s another beautiful, perfect, incredible location that you love. It could be lying in a bed with a beautiful view. It could be shopping at your favourite store, it could be anything it could be volunteering, cleaning up trash, something that you love to do, it doesn’t really matter. But you see as you approach that you’ve been partnered, and that partner is waiting for you to do the activity with you this this thing that you love to do so much with the beautiful you that is so satisfying. You’ve been partnered with the EU January 19.

A year from now

what does that future you have to say? What has that future you accomplished?

What’s different about that future you what wisdom does that future you have to impart to you

take a moment to see the scene to feel the scene and to write it down.

So you’re going to thank thee you have one year

and you’re going to add five years to your age.

You’re going to walk to your next destination or maybe you’ll be driven there and a beautiful car or ride there on a horse or be

taken they’re in a horse drawn carriage whatever it is, you’re arriving at your next destination somewhere that you love so much maybe it’s a place you’ve always wanted to go the top of Machu Picchu the the scene of a beautiful city with crumpets, I don’t know something that you’ve always wanted to do. You’re doing it. It’s five years from now. And as you approach your seat or your space on the ski slope, whatever it is, you see that someone is waving, smiling, waving to you. And it’s you in five years, five years older than you are now. So happy to see you to welcome you.

What do you have to say about the last five years

What have you accomplished? What have you felt? What have you learned? What wisdom do you have for the current view five years from now

take a moment to see the scene and feel the scene and write it down.

You thank yourself in five years from now.

And you continue, you continue to one more wonderful destination, a place you’ve always wanted to go a place you love to be in

a place you you doubted you might even get to in this lifetime, you are there. And as you approach it with your strong steps and shoes that you love in the perfect temperature,

you see someone waiting for you. And that person has their arms open. And without even a word. The future you in 10 years takes you into their arms, with the most loving, knowing, heart filled, embrace and hold you.

And you feel wrapped in love and completeness.

And you hug as long as you need to be the future you understand everything.

Feel the scene, see the scene

when you’re ready to complete that embrace with the future self of you 10 years from now?

What does the future you say?

What have they accomplished? What have they learned? What wisdom do they have to impart to you take a moment to feel it, see it and write it down?

So we’re gonna take it one step further.

And you’re gonna leave your person, your 10, year wise self.

And you’re continuing on your path with all of this wisdom that you’ve learned all of the things that you’ve accomplished, and you’re going to come upon

a hero of yours.

Someone that you have always looked up to they can be living or dead, it doesn’t matter, but someone that you know, information about them, gosh, she would love to meet them in real life.

And you come up, and you say to yourself, oh my gosh, is that so? And so?

And it is it is so and so. But it turns out that so and so is saying to you like

oh my gosh. Kathleen, oh my gosh, Donna, oh my gosh, Barbara. And you’re like, yes. And it turns out that you are their hero

and your hero.

And you sit down or go for a walk and your hero proceeds to tell you all of the ways that you have inspired them

that you have been the muse for them.

What are the things they tell you? After all that you have lived and done and then over the last 10 years?

How have you inspired your hero?

Take a moment to feel the scene to see it.

Their heroes so happy they can hardly talk because you’re you’re such a hero of theirs, that they get it out in their life and the way you did this and when you did that, Wow, that really inspired me I’ve always done this because you did that. Take a moment to write down the things that your hero shares with you of how you have been their muse

All right, so I’d love to hear in the chat from y’all how anything that you want to share if you want to share who your hero was things that they told you.

Things that you learned that you felt anything that you feel like sharing. Pop it in the chat.

iyc looking very, very peaceful over there.

Ah, Katie, Katie says it was me. Ah, Katie.

Dana met the Dalai Lama. I love if anyone could inspire the Dalai Lama. It is it is Dana. Dana says that was profound.

You know it Deena you are an angel.

When he says I feel more self accepting even of where I am now. Awesome. Hashtag the point.

Dana, so we want to go through these and for those of you who were in this class last year, you can probably tell that it’s quite different.


Kathy, I realised I’m inspiring some people now you definitely are.

We are always touching people at all times. We’re always modelling something. I own that bell hooks my Shiro she loved the way I do, like, Ooh, I love it. I J met Joan of Arc, she said, Thank you for keeping the creative juices flowing and for inspiring young women who FUBU such a powerhouse of, of sheer rows that have heroes and heroes that have been

have been brought into this space. I love it.

And, you know, we want to

my Angelo potrai doc, she commended me for living with love, laughter, commitment and dwelling and possibility. I love it. Awesome.

So we want to be able to, you know, the things that we want to create, it’s like, it’s like, well lay what’s happening here, I thought we were gonna set goals and achieve them, like we are. But as the 8% We’re doing it differently. We’re doing it differently from a place of intention and self acceptance and possibility that actually resonates within ourselves as as real and accessible and meaningful. And that is what’s missing from so much of, of the way that people do things. So we are going to get to that part of the session. But I want to give us just because you know, this is

this is intense what we’re what we’re doing here. So I want to just kind of honour that and give us a moment to as I like to say clear the palette. So we’ll just take two minutes if you want to just turn your video off or not. Grab some water, whatever it is, and then we’re going to get into the more practical tactical of our resolution. So we’re just going to take two minutes and then we’re going to come on back and keep on going. Here we go.

All right, is everybody ready to get into the NIT and the grit of the goal? Setting etc?

Oh, beautiful thing. And that’s awesome. You actually didn’t need the Dalai Lama.

I only went to an event, but I was very far away.

Alright, so we are up to this. Okay, so we’re gonna jump back in.

Yes, leave it to Dana to literally meet the Dalai Lama. Okay. So I

want to talk a little bit about quantitative versus qualitative goals. And they’re both valuable. But the idea is that you have and this is why in productivity lab, we’re always writing down

what it is so that we can look back and say, Did I or didn’t die?

You want to set a goal that you can quantify that you can qualify? So it doesn’t matter if it’s getting five more clients or feeling like I live a better quality of life, you want to be able to say, Did I or didn’t I? Can I or can I not complete and delete.

So when you write down what your goal or your resolution is, you want to be able to understand what that means to you. And this is what we talked about in productivity lab of processing fluency, that you know what it means. It’s not like a well, yeah, I mean, I, yeah, I know, I know what I mean, you won’t know what you mean. And you’ll you’ll haggle with yourself that you did or didn’t achieve it. So we actually do want to be specific, whether your goal is quantitative meaning you can count it or qualitative quality of life full, you want to be specific, so that you can still gauge if you did or did not achieve it.

Now remember that you can always look at goals another way. And what’s important is that whatever it is that you’re choosing, it resonates with you. So a very traditional goal that people tend to choose for New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, right.

And let’s say they want to lose, you know, 25 pounds over a year, well, you could have the goal that you want to lose 25 pounds over a year, or you could have the goal as I’ve helped some of my clients do that you want to be a smaller size, and that the weight doesn’t matter, you could say that, you want to be able to run to the end of the parking lot without you know, or wherever, without getting out of breath, you can say that you want your numbers, your cholesterol levels to go down. And you see all of these things will affect the other things, right? But you you need to take the time again, what people don’t do is to choose something that resonates with you, that doesn’t create so much resistance, that resistance that you will turn away from it. So if the idea of having really great numbers in your, in your blood tests, is something that has felt like you haven’t been able to do that, but but that’s actually what feels important to you. The weight will change as you focus on getting those numbers to normal.

So too with stamina, stone, so to the size. But if you’re someone who really loves the numbers, then those other things might not appeal to you. So however you’re looking at the goal, open your mind to how you could look at the goal, how you could name it in a way that feels really inspiring and motivating to you. And it doesn’t really matter what that is. It doesn’t matter what goal you choose how you mean the goal. It’s something that you know is going to enhance you as you are now and will help you grow into the future. You that we just had all that beautiful, timeless

Now one thing you do have is the concept of setting odd limitations. So you can pry. And if you have the 49 productivity hacks, this is one of the hacks. This is an image does anyone know? Although those of you who know this hack may may may remember who these people are. Does anyone know who these people are? Who these two men are? Any guesses? Anyone, anyone?

So on the left, we have Theodore Geisel, otherwise known as Dr. Seuss. And on the right, we have Bennett Cerf, who’s a humorist and a publisher, and Bennett Cerf after the publication of The Cat in the Hat, which had 236 words. Bennett Cerf challenged Dr. Seuss, to write a book

with just 50 words, and Dr. Seuss took that bet. And went on to write one of the most successful books of all time, what book was that?


Catena had no cat in the hat was the 236, Green Eggs and Ham you are correct, Wendy and Donna Green Eggs and Ham which went on to be translated into many, many languages and was truly one of the best selling books of all time. And because he had an odd limitation of 50 words, you can only use 50 words, and he did it. So you also want to play the game of setting yourself an odd limitation to thrive. And ironically, for many people, the concept of a year is not an odd limitation. It’s so standard and bland, that it’s not motivating. Now, you don’t want to to something that’s so short, that you’re like, Oh, by tomorrow I will blank because you’re not setting yourself up to win, that maybe you you know, to something on the calendar and you’re like, oh, April 11. That’s random. That feels fun. Whatever, whatever it takes for you to create an odd limitation. It should have that dynamism that we talked about. Kathy says 18 days great. It should have the dynamism that there’s some tension.

Right, Donna? Yeah, a timeline is bland. So that’s why people are like, well, it’s over a lifetime. But in many cases, then it’s like, that doesn’t inspire people either. Like it’s on the one hand, that’s helpful to say, well, it’s not just in a year. But on the other hand, women’s this actually going to happen. So if we have the concept that it’s a fun game, that we’re going to have odd limitations, and we can breach them. And we can go on to the next things, right. So you get to decide what that odd limitation is for you to thrive. But what we know is that, on the one hand, having a timeline can be very stressful. So I have to sell this many units or get this many customers by x period of time, I have to lose this amount of weight by this. If we feel the stress of month, that may or may not be good. If it feels stress, like we want to turn away from it literally physically, you say it and you feel yourself wanting to turn away, probably not the best thing to be setting. If you set it and you feel yourself leaning toward it, you’re actually more likely to want to choose that there’s a subconscious thing that our bodies do, but will usually turn to the left.

Or we’ll lean forward. So So you can say something I’m going to just just for the fun of it.

Um, hold on a second, let me

that’s going to be too complicated. All right. That’s how you lost five pounds at a time bigger weight was too overwhelming. But so you know, say something yourself. Just to test out what you’re going to be choosing. Just say we I just want to see all when I do this. Many of you are on because I love seeing you guys. Well, I only see three of you, but that’s cool. 456 Okay, cool. Excellent. Thanks for coming on video. So think about a goal, like so. Just sit up straight in your chair for a minute to try this out. So you can see it. And it’s kind of hard if you’re thinking about it too much. But try to like relax, be back in the vibes that we were talking about when you’re hanging out with your future self.

And think about like, do you want to focus on growing your business this year?

So you can say like, I’m going to focus on I’m going to be growing my business this year.

And like which way kinda like when you do the pendulum, you know, like the crystal thing. Like which way do you feel yourself going? Now everyone’s probably like me perfectly erect because now everyone’s focusing too hard. So, but if you say to yourself, like do I want to grow my businesses here? Do you feel yourself? Do you feel yourself kind of like leaning forward or turning away from

centre does any is anyone feeling anything? I’ve actually never done this with people live so maybe it doesn’t work but let’s just see

what people say.

Gina is turning to left.

Right and Dennis turning right leaning forward. I love it. And Donna, you know it can be it’s just typically the reason we get turning. Are you done? Are you right handed or left handed by the way? I’m just curious. You’re right handed. Okay. Often people turn to left because they leave with their right, which is like to push actually. So, um, so anyways, just curious. Okay. And so think about like,

Oh, I see. Alright, well, okay. Alright, so now we’re gonna just play with the question, do I want to focus on? Whatever whatever you’ve answered for that one? Do I want to focus on, you know, my physical self and an environment this year?

Making my physical self in my environment, my mental health, my physical health, my beautification of my environment? Do I want to focus on that this year?

How are people leaning if at all?

Forward? Totally different forward.

Yes, yes, yes. So, you know, this is like a fun thing I haven’t, I learned that thing by turning to left after I’d seen a lot of clients off board and wanting to hug yourself forward and tingling all over. I noticed years ago, in 2004, a client of mine would always turn to the left. And I got interested in learning about how our bodies um, anyway, I’m not going to go into it here. But anyway, this is something I made up that I find is actually very simple and very helpful. And there’s a lot of things that do like seeing how your body responds, this is my entire trick to the left port forward. But it but it’s pretty clear, like I was just asking myself about and I know I want to work on my whole body went forward.

No left, isn’t it left is actually turning away from it.

When the left is like, you’re, you’re going away from it. So when you come forward, you’re like, yes. And that’s actually the way I view it is kind of tapping into your pull motivation that you like, without even trying, you’re like, Yeah, I’m ready. Let’s go kind of a thing. Like you’re actually getting close to it.

Okay, so that’s a fun little thing that you can use. That may or may not be accurate. It’s not very scientific. But you got very relaxed the right one thing about business, I don’t have any information about the right, but I do think that I know that the left is the turn away, like putting the strong arm forward. So maybe it’s the opposite for left handed people. Wait, Barbara, what are you? You’re also right handed. Or you left him? Your your right handed? Okay. All right. I don’t know. You’re feeling everyone’s energy? Yeah, I don’t know. Anyway, it’s a fun thing. Okay.

All right. So we’ll get back into it. But you know, it’s like we want to we want to play the reason I like to share all of these like tools and games and things like that. These are all things that I’ve created the years as I saw people saying they were going to do things not doing them feeling out of integrity. And so like the more tools and fun silly things, like, you know, it was a publisher and an a book author made a ridiculous bet. And it was an incredibly powerful thing that happened. Very, very successful. helpful, be nice in hand, my children actually love this book.

But why because it had that energy of fun and play infused into it was just silly. It was just a game between two people. And the more that we can infuse our goals with this kind of thing, you know, the better it works. Okay, now, this is a skill. This is something that I also have observed over the years, and I use this for myself and my clients that work with me know this. So what we’re going to do is you’re going to take the moment to assess your energy in and out. What I mean by that is, you’re going to look at the months of the year,

you’re gonna see when your energy is in and when it’s out and I’ll share for myself that so for myself, typically, my energy is in in the month of March.

Oops, well done. March, June, July and August, I start to come out again in August, but I have like that depression in the in the summer, and also March March, I was always fighting with everyone.

And all my friends would be angry at me. And I would be like, leave me alone. And then I realised like March is not a time that I want to like hang out with people or be in touch with them. And so what I did, I had noticed these kind of patterns for years and actually got a degree in demography because I’m very interested in patterns also a Capricorn love patterns.

But what I you know it’s one thing to have the information but then the other thing is like what do you do with the information so what I did was I optimise my entire business around my natural energy and so my High Level Mastermind co writes mastermind we actually don’t meet

in the month because we’re meeting every two or three times a month we don’t meet in the month of March June July and August and guess what everyone is totally okay with that in my in the mastermind everyone’s okay with that because when you lead whatever your business is when you’re leading from a place that is so aligned with your natural energy and by the way your natural energy can change but as you go through this process, you may find that you’re like, oh, yeah, I kind of like people to leave me alone at that time. Oh, yeah. I tend to like be really out you know, and people think overall like oh, people are out in the summer you know, or energy is like out to meet people delta delta, I feel the exact opposite. I was born in the winter so I feel friendly in the winter, typically, in the summer, I want everyone to leave me alone. So it’s not one way. So I’m going to give you just two minutes to go through you don’t have to do the tasks or project but you’re just gonna identify like, how was My energy is it in or out and if it’s really a mix, you can just write in slash out okay, so you’re gonna do energy in or out for each of the months so I’m just going to give you two minutes while you articulate that to yourself and if you don’t know you don’t know but I find usually people turns out that they do know even though they’ve never done this activity Okay? Here we go.

Okay, so what we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be looking at the different places where most people fall down is so you know, setting themselves up to be doing launches in a time when they’re actually vary in energy. So these are, you know, kind of sets of different, you know, games and tools that you can use when you go through to,

to set up your resolution and also to re plan to plan and to replan so that as you go along, you can come back to these tools and use them to help you stay on track. So I’m going to try to go through this pretty quickly. To stay within our two hour time frame. I know I’ve extended it of course, if you have to go at any point, you can do that. So what we’re talking about with results require rest, same kind of concept here. Contrary to the concept of doing so much more you actually want to think about doing less for success.

Now this is a funny meme, which always makes me smile, which is I hate it when TV shows say they contain, quote, adult situations, but then don’t show anyone going to work, paying their bills or cleaning up after their kids. So this is to say that whatever you choose, there will be adulting involved in this, right. And so we need to roll that into it, it’s not just going to be, I don’t know, I was just gonna say, I guess I was gonna say pickles and rainbows, but that’s not what it is. It’s something and rainbows, rainbows and butterflies.

Bindu from New Jersey, it to me, it’s all about pickles. Anyway. So it’s not going to be pickles and rainbows, there will be there will be work involved. But that being said, we want to take that information and roll it into we were talking, we were talking about,

you know, the magical through the practicals. So let’s be prepared to roll up our sleeves and do the work and give ourselves the space that we actually need to do that work. So that we’ll be able to, you know, do all the things that we need to do, which includes doing things that may not be the most glamorous.

So preparation, this is something one of the quotes that I always always talk about. Abraham Lincoln said, If I had six hours to cut down a tree, I would spend four of them sharpening the axe, the idea of being 80%, you know, as we talked about 67 to 80% of your time in preparation. So we’re looking through in this class, we’re talking about all everything we’ve done up until now was about preparation, preparation, or setting the goal as something that will actually set us up to win that we will accomplish it. Having a deeper understanding of what’s involved in ourselves removing what doesn’t belong this to all forms of preparation.

We also need to grain of salt it as it word knowing that whatever works, you know, it could be doing things in a very linear way, it could be doing things in a totally unlimited way. But having an idea of where we want to go, who cares, who cares about the details, whatever works, but let’s get there if that really is what you articulate as being important to you. Let’s go for it. Let’s go for it full force. And also having on the other side that awareness that man plans, God laughs so we cannot control everything. So you want to set up something where you’re set up to win, and it’s not down to the bone, if it does, or doesn’t work. Also, that you know, whether you do or do not achieve it exactly. It’s flexible enough that it’s still going to be awesome. When you’re on the path to getting there. And wherever you get you, it’s gonna feel awesome.

Sometimes it takes some time for it to load for some reason. Okay, so how to balance doing less when you have big goals? Well, you want to build self awareness and habits that support you. So we were talking earlier again, about results require rest. The more that as you go through your day and your goals and looking at what you haven’t haven’t accomplished being aligned with that intention with that dharma, you’ll be able to start to unfurl the ways that you’ve been that haven’t served you. And you saw how quickly so many of you were were able to release that hurt thinking about people who had hurt you, as you go through these and you start to identify more clearly the things that are blocking you. You can insert habits of games and tools and things to do so that you don’t go into that place of contraction. And you can be in that pause of growth, but stay in the expansion. So building self awareness of what you need to be able to rest along the way, what it takes for you to accomplish, including adult things. And what are the habits that you need to put in place to support that.

You also need to get real about whatever your goal is. So people talk about wanting to earn a million dollars a year. If you’re charging $97 Like for this class? How many people would that be to get to $83,000 a month? And is my audience something that could do that. And you also, you know, want to have the understanding that getting real about it is not a limitation. It doesn’t mean that’s the only way it can happen. But you want to make sure that it’s possible given your construct. So if your construct is to have a four hour work week, but you also have a 40 hour job, something is going to need to change to make that goal be possible. And so looking at what are the things that you would need to change to make that possible.

And also, you know, there’s an opportunity for great compassion here knowing that although it doesn’t have the drama that consistency is available. So if you want to lose, let’s say 25 pounds, we’re talking about two pounds a month, but know that there’s flexibility

they might lose for one week, and none the other week, but also to like get really, really clear in it, because for some people, they want the drama, it’s the drama that’s driving them. So two pounds a week isn’t going to feel very dramatic. So you need to have that goal of 25 In your face as you go through the two pounds. So it’s really looking at the places where people fall down as they disconnect from the thing that’s driving them. So there’s a lot of value in getting into the details. And once you do, and you really identify what it is that you’re going for, when you pull out, it’s going to feel much, much easier and automatic, because you’re pulling out from the places where most people get lost, it’s slippery, and they give up.

So Expectancy Theory is basically the idea that they’ve studied that, you know, what people expect, happens. And it doesn’t mean that you know, this is basically a scientific iteration of mindset. So it doesn’t mean that if you, you know, say you want, you want to earn a million dollars, and you don’t say, Well, I expected it, but actually didn’t really expect it, it doesn’t mean that if you really believe you could earn a million and you don’t,

that you weren’t expecting it, it means that you weren’t all the way there. But just thinking about what the goal is, is very different from what you’re actually expecting. So you want to be clear, when you set your goal that, again, with that kind of thing, are you leaning toward it? Or are you turning away from it, because if you’re turning away from it, even as you say the goal, you’re not actually expecting it, which means it’s very likely it’s not going to happen. So it could be playing with the words, it could be playing with the details. But whatever it is that you choose, know that how you feel about it plays a huge role and how likely it is that it will come to pass.

Now I like to play this game of setting the range of your goals so that you do win. So the bottom of your goal is that it’s good. It’s not thrilling, but you know what? It’s good. So in the example business, it’s not thrilling, but it pays the bills. The next level is that it’s like, wow, that’s really great. Like, I know, I want to do so much more. But honestly, this is freaking awesome. And then your wild goal is something again, that you believe that you can achieve. Right? So I do not believe that I could achieve a billion dollars, I don’t believe that I could achieve $100 million, right? Like those don’t even feel in the realm.

Do I believe that I could achieve 10 million like maybe. But if I achieve 3 million would that feel like oh my gosh, that would be wild, maybe 4 million would be wild. Like it’s playing around with the edges of what feels true. And wild, what feels true and awesome, what feels good. It’s not very exciting. But you know what it is good, right? And remember that what you choose for these levels has to be enough that it still pulls you toward it because towards it. Because if it’s too small, it’s too boring. And that’s where people give up ironically,

remember that good goals are actually increasing your self trust and motivation. And they’re decreasing all the negative things because as you observe yourself, this is how your identity actually changes. As you observe yourself stepping in relatively effortlessly into these goals into the achievement of them into the change of the person that you become by achieving them, you will naturally decrease things like shame, self loathing, self judgement and confusion, which are the very things that hold people back from achieving their goals. So there is a fine art to setting the right goal.

Okay, so what you’re going to do actually, is you’re going to, I’m going to give you two minutes to think about what is the thing that you want to accomplish by when it doesn’t have to be this year, it can be in the next one to three years, it could be in the next three months, using that odd limitations but also setting yourself up with the flexibility. Maybe you say in the next three months, I want to do this. In the next year, I want to do that maybe use the six months, one year, whatever. Take Take,

take three minutes to choose one or two or three goals.

Given all the things that we have talked about here

and figure out what is the thing that would be so like a, like nourishing would be a sound it would be inspirational, what is that thing or things that you will like? Yes. And then you’re going to do it in the three levels of good but not thrilling Good, awesome and wild. Okay, so choose that thing or things and then each of them, you know, so choose one or two. This is more about learning that skill of it. Choose one good, awesome and thrilling. So let’s

So you want to grow your business you want to get 10 clients is good 20 clients is awesome and 50 is wild for something like that right so let’s say something in your thing you want to like go to the gym every whatever you want to plant a garden you know it’s like good awesome and wild so have three minutes to work on really one goal for this one to do it in the good awesome and wild Okay.

Okay and this is a fun little wild card that I like to throw in. This is a tool that we use a lot in productivity lab for time management and that kind of thing time planning. So take your goal and multiply it by three, just humour me, whatever your goal is, maybe you wanted to, obviously not if you want to lose 50 pounds. But for example, you want to get, you know, 10 clients, you say you want to get 30 clients. And what this does is it’s gonna give you the kind of like, initially, or you want to raise your prices to 10,000. And then you say what 30,000 And then you say, well, that’s insane. I’m not doing 30,000. But maybe I could do 15 When you let your mind go into multiplying by three, you let yourself go into a realm that you hadn’t even considered. And then start with the ideal compromise with the real so start with what if you did multiply it by three, even if you move your goal and you don’t have to do this is just again, another fun tool for your tool belt. What if you multiplied by three even if you go up one from where you work, suddenly it seems just right. So I’m going to give you just 30 seconds to look at your goal. And see what happens if you multiply by three. Does the bottom move up at all just does your goal change at all and you can just put yes or no in the chat bar. Out of curiosity for the rest of us.

Yes makes me want even more. Yes.

Okay, so now you want to kind of just slightly rejigger

your goal so that when you look back, whether it’s in 18 days, As Kathy said earlier, whether it’s at the end of the year, whether it’s in five years, you can look back and say, Did I or didn’t die. So I’ll just give you 30 seconds to articulate it very clearly. And when you have it articulated,

we’re ready to move to the next thing.

Okay, no worries, Katie.

Great to see you. Thanks for staying this long. Okay, so we are I’m gonna, I’m gonna cut out some of the, of the fun things, but hopefully, this is still gonna give you it’s hard for me to I, I love this so much. It’s hard to do it in half the time, but okay, I want to make sure we do things that are most important. Okay, so what we’re gonna do now your dog means walking. Okay, if you have to go, of course, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna, we’re gonna switch to the super duper practical of this.

So now that we’ve articulated exactly what the goal is, we’ve multiplied by three we’ve played, as I like to say, we’ve played with ourselves, we’re feeling good. Let us go into the practicals. So that we can actually set ourselves up to win. So hold on a second,

share the screen, we are going to write a list of your two dues that you need to accomplish in the next 30 days.

The next 30 days for you to move toward forward powerfully toward the goal that you just articulated. So we’re talking about going not from necessarily today, but let’s just pretend from the 19th to the 18th of February, what are the exact things that you need to do to take care of

that will lead you in this direction. And as you think about the person that you were going to be in six months, they have certain things handled. So if there are things that are on your to do list, like deal with health insurance that’s not complete, and you’re like, well, that doesn’t really move me toward my goal. Well, it absolutely does. Because if it’s on your list and needs taken care of, and something that needs to be taken care of, so that you can be free to pursue your ultimate self. So I’m going to give you just three minutes to write your list of to do’s to accomplish in the next only in the next 30 days. Here we go.

Alright, so I know we’re almost right at 4pm Do people have? Are people able to stay on for a few minutes? Or do the bulk of people need to go because I’ll either do it in the breakout room or just live in the chat, we can do it this way. As a group,

I would assume that people need to go no, no apologies at all.

Necessary can stay need to go soon. Okay, so we’ll just do it here in the chat for. For us, we’ll just do it here as a group for a few more minutes. It’s more fun when you get to do by voice with each other. But we’ll just do this as kind of the last thing. So what you’re going to do, and if you want to share, thank you, for your

for that. Okay, so what you’re going to do for the final thing is you are going to read what the goal is that you have written

in to read it to yourself.

And then you’re going to say, like, so let’s say that you’ve written

and, you know, sell five productivity labs, that’s not my goal, but let’s just pretend. So five, five productivity labs. And when I sell five productivity labs, in the next 30 days, I will have blank

and when I have blank

I will have blank

or I will be blank. Right. So we’re just going to do it so I’m going to just guide you through we’ll do it like four times and for those who have to go just go ahead and you can always come back and do it again on the recording. So you’re going to say I’m going to read your goal

you gonna read it aloud and you’re gonna say and when I have blank like when I’ve completed this when I’ve done this when I am this I will insert be do have verb, whatever you want I will be I will have blank you want to write these out so that you can see what’s available to you. Why are you doing this? Why are you choosing this when you sell five productivity labs then what’s the point oh, and what will happen is it’s going to tap you in deeper to other things but I won’t go into it Okay, here we go. So let’s just write them down. So you have your your goal of what you’re going to accomplish next, when I have this I will be do have I will have I will be blank

and when I have

when I am Number two, I will

be do have number three, when I have more people in my community, I will be able to help my project in Colombia even more.

And when I can help my project in Colombia even more oh I will feel so happy when I feel so happy. I will feel more energised and when I feel more energised

be able to take the kids out in the cold like just following Where does it lead you? Where does your brain go of all the possibilities that are available and what do they hinge upon subconsciously in your mind?

So just give me one more minute or 30 seconds more to write one or two more I will be this I will have this I will feel this

And then what you would want to do if this were a four hour class is to take immediate action to reconnect with the important,

deep meaning of this for you that it’s just one of many, many embroiled things that are important to you in your mind, you want to choose one thing from your 30 day list of two dues to take action on immediately. That’s what we would normally do together is to take immediate action, however, it’s 402. So we’re not going to do that. But what you would want to do is to articulate what is the very first action that you will be taking either today or potentially tomorrow, to move you in the direction of what you say you want that you’ve taken the time these two hours to articulate how very important this is to you to your spirit and to the world. What is the very first action that you will need to take and then to take that action without hesitation

so we’re gonna wrap it up here. Thank you all so much for being here and staying an extra few minutes. I would love if you would pop in the chat bar. What was the most useful or most surprising when do You’re so welcome?

The most useful or most surprising, gay amazing and so much fun. And I am going to share even if everyone pops up I am going to share about super special offered that we just created. You’re so welcome Tyler. Yay Dana feeling so clear. Oh exquisite. I love that.

Just so y’all have it on the video and you’ll get the information with the link to the video. So no worries if you have to go but I want to hear before you pop off most useful or most surprising

for for you in this New Year’s resolution take two yay Dina yay.

Kathy says I feel inspired to take action Tyler I feel very confident and getting things done from my list now awesome. most useful going inward first to create self acceptance before

before setting goals entirely different process your opening talk could be a TED Talk. Thank you for saying that. i Oh, so she feels more relaxed about her goals and then third doable fan tastic

loved your future self. Yes. It’s so beautiful. Awesome. Okay, I’m releasing emotional clutter from the list of people. That is such a big one. The 30 day to do list perfect and attainable love narrowing the time done. Yes, yes. Yes, Gina that’s exactly what we do all the time in all the work that we do is set ourselves up to actually get it done with pleasure. Thank you. Why did it take me so long to realise how much I resist commitment it feels liberating instead of confining I love that Barbara what a turnaround that’s amazing. That is that is so huge. What a turnaround that’s awesome.

Okay, making sure that was epic, most useful the forgiveness of self and asking those who hurt us for forgiveness so powerful, beautiful. Love it. I have been given super specific tests inspires me thing of different size goals brings about my creativity. So fun, you know, and this is really when I talked about building the self awareness, different things work for different people. So we announced the idea of getting out of that patriarchal productivity of people like get up at four you know, do this do that and it’s like some people that really works other people like that is a Deathwish you know, so thank you so much for being here, Barbara. So taking the time to figure out what works for you and then doing that is freaking magical. That is the product prep the magical through the practical

I’m just reading what Donna wrote. That is Yay Yay, Donna that is so look at the past and present all getting decluttered and look at you you’re gonna I bet you’re just going to a goal. So I’m going to pivot into sharing about this very special offer. For those of you who are here and those of you who are watching the video. Thank you so much to everyone for being here. This will be in I know many of you have to go this will be we’ll be sending it in the video. You’ll have a link to this, as well as to the things that I’m going to be sharing with you.

But the two things I want to share with you is coming up next week is

The beginning of a brand new coaching programme for those of you who are starting or restructuring your businesses called packager package coaching programme.

And the idea is to package your services in a way that’s really easy to sell the way that we’re doing this here, really taking the time to go through and articulate

what makes sense to you of how you sell it, how it resonates for you, is it easy to say the number all of the things and having yourself totally set up on the backend to take people’s money serve your clients, etc. So this is a year long programme we meet once a month, and you also have access to your long productivity lab.

And so in productivity lab throughout the whole year, you’re gonna have the support twice a week, we have two intensives, every single week, to support you to get all the things that you articulated that you needed to do imagine having the live support every single week to get them all done with live support. That’s what productivity lab is. So this brand new programme that’s starting on, on the 24th on Monday


is is once a month on the on the fourth Monday of every month. And it’s different from my the mastermind I mentioned earlier, that’s a bigger mastermind theorise mastermind that meets three times a month, and you get all these goodies with it. This is for people who want like a little support with me and with the community of getting stuff done. Clarity on your business, that kind of thing. But really from the concept of intentionality and getting stuff done, so that you’re free to do all of the other things that you want to be doing. And everything that you’re doing your business is on the foundation of having rock solid integrity and confidence in yourself that you’re a person who gets stuff done, who does what you say you’re going to do, who set yourself up to win, and arrives places with a calm nervous system waiting for everyone else who has not set themselves up to when you get to be that person in your life and in your business. So package your package coaching programme starts. On Monday, I’m going to get the link. So if you want to chat with me about that, it’s 9850 Paid in full or it’s 10 payments of 1185 is the price on that productivity lab. If you’re interested in just productivity lab, you can do it for four months or for an entire year. And the super duper exciting this that my current clients are going to be like what this is amazing, is that we are going to be adding in dinton,

an accountability coach with the programme. So this is super exciting.

In addition to the accountability partner programme, which we support people to get into partnerships to support each other. And I teach productivity lab on Thursdays, and Alyssa, my dear friend and Joumor client for many years,

teaches us on Mondays and she’s actually going to take on the role of accountability coach or number, your private coach to help you go through exactly You made this 30 day plan and you get to get on the phone with someone to look at your plan. What have you done? What haven’t you done? What needs to be changed so that you’re set up to win. And of course you can do this yourself. But this is actually I’m offering this just the people in this programme as a bonus for new people who sign up for productivity lab

or for package or package coaching programme. So it’s incredible, it’s going to be an additional $1,500 for existing clients. And this will be a bonus for people who want to join us and want to really make this year the year that they really get it all done. So productivity lab for the year is 5800. For four months, it’s 2450. And whether you choose the 20 for the four month or the 12 month, you’ll have these accountability, private accountability sessions every single month. So it’s an incredible addition to all of the accountability support that we already provide. And as far as you know, the investment this is something that I’ve basically in all the years that I have been working as a professional organiser and doing productivity and business coaching, I’ve never met anyone who didn’t find where their money was dreaming, whether it was simple things like subscriptions that they needed to cancel or big things like not invoicing clients in a in a in an effective timeframe. There’s so many ways that our money is just dreaming and when that dreams it dreams, our money and our dreams are self esteem which makes it harder to get back up and charge more and all the things. So the investment in this is the investment in you having the support to get

things done. But also really my goal for everyone is always to make their money back and so much more through this work. But not only is it you know the money and building your business, but it really ultimately comes down to your nervous system of giving that back to yourself that peace of mind, which so many of us have lost and continue to lose. Thank you all so much for being here goodbye on a daily basis. So I’m going to pop the link to chat with me if you want to chat with me about this in the chatter Rooney bar, and this will be available for those who are watching the replay, I’m just going to grab a link so that it’s here for everyone.

And I want to thank you all so much for sticking with it. I know this is unusual, usually I’m very strict about the time. But I, you know, sometimes you get inspiration and things are not exactly.

They don’t fit into the exact box. And I figured I would risk it in an attempt to give you to give you all I’ve got here. So I’m just gonna take a moment to end you know, if any of my current clients are watching this and you have any questions, you can also sign up to chat with me if you have any questions, and I’ll be sending you guys a separate link.

So here is the link, you’re going to pop it in the chat bar and this will be available.

This will be available in all of the chat will also be very proud of our portal. When you log in when when the when this is all up you’re going to be able to see all the chat, the whole thing will be transcribed. And it will be very easy to use and interact with so any questions you have and I’m just going to pop my my email here. You can always email me at Leah at CEO rez.com.

And if anyone has any questions, I can definitely answer them here. Otherwise, we can say goodbye and we’ll be in touch by email. Does anyone have Kathleen too? I see. Io. You’re just waving goodbye. You’re waving goodbye. Okay. Goodbye. Okay.

Goodbye. Goodbye. Thank you all for being here. Goodbye. Love you. I’ll see you all very soon. Bye bye, everybody.

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