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There’s more to Joumor than meets the eye. It might sound kind of woo-woo, but one of my special skills is feeling my clients’ clutter and somehow knowing what things need to be dealt with.

When I walked into my client’s office today it was almost like the greeting card on the mantel was speaking to me. “Hmm, something with that,” I thought, but said nothing.

When catching up, it’s important to follow strict Joumor protocol. 🙂

My client’s goal was to revamp her whole filing system. We began by Clearing the Desk,[1] and then going through every book on the 12 large bookshelves. During that time we also dealt with Flotsam and Jetsam.[2] While we were going through the books, my client found one related to the card on the mantel which I had noticed earlier. This spawned an idea for a future project. We discussed it excitedly. We went to send an email, and guess what! There was an email waiting…(Here’s the part where you hold on to your hats) from the sender of the card…with the topic of…the exact project we had just spoken about! Ok, seriously. Whether or not you’re into Jung’s Collective Unconscious, this is what Joumor’s all about.

Let’s break it down: clearing stagnant limitations in the environment, my client was able to access ideas she had had months earlier, and relate to them in an increasingly creative way. This gave her energy. Now ready to take action, she literally received the email she was going to send! (And yes, we then revamped the entire filing system).

I can’t tell you how many times it has happened- a client complained about something not happening or wished for something and that very thing happens later on in the same session. It happens all the time. Why?

There are 7 levels to Joumor. It’s like Jacob’s Ladder- we’re moving up and down on it all the time. Decluttering any level can lead to freedom and clutter-free connection on another, and it can feel magical how quickly things happen.

Pent up dreams can be clutter. And we can feel asphyxiated by the weight of them. The secret is, you don’t have to go after your dreams directly, aggressively, head-on like a warrior. Little by little deal with the things you’ve been avoiding. Let your creative mind flow and share your ideas with someone. Your friends love to hear your dreams and ideas. Dance around in your newfound decluttered space…And relish the delight when the phone rings and someone offers you the thing you just said you wanted.


[1] Joumor Principle: Clear the Desk- literally and metaphorically, make room first to work on whatever project you are working on.

[2] Joumor Principle: Flotsam and Jetsam-the random things that get “caught” in your stuff that doesn’t belong where it is.

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