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Five years ago my client was beginning divorce proceedings from an unhappy and at times violent partner. She decided to work with me to handle the much needed organization of separating their estate, selling the house, figuring out old debts…there was a lot to do.

Each time we encountered something challenging that she was tempted to avoid, she joked, “We might as well stay married.” Ha.

Exactly! Because in many cases it feels easier to stay in a toxic environment rather than do something about it…in the short term, that is. Ultimately, we can waste our lives in what we know isn’t right, because it just feels too hard to do what we know deep down is right.

We might as well pay the late fees.
We might as well keep the team members who don’t do their work.
We might as well stay in this sucky relationship.
We might as well stay in debt.
We might as well stay in jobs we hate.
We might as well…not bother.

This is the state of so much of the world. Indifference and resignation, because doing what it takes to accomplish our true desires feels too hard.

Guess what. It isn’t.

It’s about learning to do things the way your mind works in a way that feels easy, automatic, and gratifying.

It’s really all possible….if YOU are willing to believe there’s another, easier, viable, FUN way for you to get what you want.

I’m offering 2 amazing deals for the next 5 days in honor of the upcoming Productivity Power Mastermind starting the first week in December.

If you’re scared but DONE with the refrain, “I might as well just keep things as they are,” come join us. Hit reply to chat with me about the funnest most empowering year of your life.

Or, keep paying the late fees. It’s up to you. 😉

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