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I was in Queretaro, Mexico for 4 days for a conference before coming to Cancun for the current view pictured above where I’ll be for another 6 days.

The conference was for entrepreneurs who are or want to be Location Independent, meaning they can work from anywhere and not be tied down to one location.

Some of us at the conference have been traveling and location independent for years, while others are aspiring beginners.

“I wish I could binge watch Game of Thrones!” one of my Mastermind group members bemoaned.

“You can,” I said.

He whipped his head around to look at me. “What do you mean?”

I mean that our lives our a compendium of our choices. Always. There are tons of examples of people who have experienced bad situations and rose victorious, and the opposite, too- people who have had incredible opportunities and squandered them, living miserable lonely lives.

As we discussed in Why 168 Hours is Enough, we are blessed with many hours each day, week, month and year, most of which we don’t maximize.

The Disempowerment of the Victim Mentality

Many of us feel overwhelmed at our situation, and helpless to fix it. Most things are fixable, or at least manageable, when we commit to making them the way we want. Saying “I can’t” and comparing yourself to all those who “can” becomes a vicious self-fulfilling prophecy.

The Opportunity

In Joumor our goal is to Find Your Power in Your Clutter.

There’s another kind of self-fulfilling prophecy- saying you can and doing it. Here’s the neat part: often the very thing that feels the most impossible is where our power, fun and inspiration…all the juicy things are waiting to be unleashed.

Doing the thing you thought you couldn’t (like binge watching tv or writing that book or traveling) is the most satisfying of all.

After years of professional organizing, I couldn’t imagine how I could make money without being in people’s physical spaces. But I methodically and intentionally restructured my business so that I could work from anywhere AND bring my family on my travels. And my profits continue to rise. When you take ownership for your choices your life becomes more fun, abundant, and free.

2 Methods of Action to Achieve Your Goals

  1. Write down 3-20 apparent impediments to your desire
  2. Brainstorm actions you could take to change them, one at a time
  3. Take action on the easiest thing first and keep going


  1. Find areas of waste related to your desire (lost time looking for keys when you could be binge watching) and take action directly to close those energy drains of time, money etc.

When your mindset is that all is possible (of what you really want) it really is.

Ps- and what did my Mastermind friend from the conference do? He started taking immediate action with a coach and a new VA. His website is already in the works. When you are ready and take intentional action, all that you want can happen really fast.

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